Sunday, 30 September 2012

Project #366 - Week 39

This week seems to have gone amazingly fast, probably because I've had ridiculous deadlines at work, and so not only has the working day sped by, but my time with the little people has been so much needed that it's also sped past.

Sunday: we carried on our holiday spirit by going out for lunch with my parents to the local carvery. I was surprised that the children managed to eat all the vegetables put in front of them without a second thought, and still had room for ice-cream.

Monday: I took this photo at 0650 at Cardiff Central, I was catching my 'usual' 0655 to London. It usually guarantees my attendance at a 0930 meeting in the office. The train I stepped onto got me into London at 1145- oh yes, 2 and 3/4 hours late following a 'stop' somewhere near Chipping Sodbury. Typical British weather!!

Tuesday: I got home having missed Monday's bedtime. It turns out it my absence Squeaks had taken responsibility for her friends being tucked up...

Wednesday: Squeaks got the good news that the grampy's cake baking competition had brought a reward- Squeaks had won the small cakes competition!

Thursday: Mr J decides he's fed up of me working so finds a book to distract me.

Saturday: Having been completely jealous of all the goings on at the Mad Blog Awards, I decided to make all those with hangovers soooo envious- by wrapping Christmas presents. In a more organised stance than usual, I decided rather than throwing all the presents into the attic to bring them back down to wrap, that they would go into the attic wrapped, so I get to enjoy the Christmas festivities this year.
Yes, I am in need of help.

And, this week's favourite:

Friday: it's a rubbish photo, but I love the "Am I in trouble?" expression from Tiny, as he attempts to help mummy meet her deadlines.

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  1. Trying to find that work/life balance is a constant battle is it not? I love the photo of the kids with Grandpa?

  2. Your time is precious and delays to your train must be so frustrating for you. Squeaks looks like she had everything in hand though!

  3. STOP! You've not only BOUGHT Christmas presents, but you've bloody WRAPPED them? Dear God woman you are formidable and I am impressed at your organisational skills! The boys are looking so grown up, love their jumpers.

    Thanks for linking up.

  4. i agree with The Boy and Me - how ruddy organised are you!!!! christmas presents wrapped already!!! blooming heck!! the bottom photo is very funny! x

  5. I need to win more for Christmas, dont do buying these days, if I dont win it nobody gets it. Delays on public transport mus be annoying when you have to be somewhere, wonder how many others didnt make it though? Love the fact he s trying to help and had to lol a daddies book

  6. Well done on wrapping your presents! Boo to the working week though! :(

  7. Great photos for this week. Your little man is so cute, how can you be mad with that face :-)

  8. I am So, going to wrap my presents soon.
    I have most of my nieces and nephews so far, just need to get them wrapped up.


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