Monday, 24 September 2012

Speech development in twins

I must admit to taking a bit of a back seat with our second (and third) offspring.
Having been a completely 'by the book' mother with Squeaks, I hope, like all second-time mums there are things you ease the accelerator on, and are quite happy to just go with the pace of life.

As we were driving home from a family meal yesterday the OH remarked that he thought we blamed growth spurts on a lot of Squeaks' poor behaviour. We were returning from a meal where Cheeky had got agitated and needed some cwtches.
My response, I think we stopped blaming growth spurts on anything once the age 1 had dawned, that Squeaks wouldn't last 5 minutes in a high chair at any age, and the boys had done at least an hour, oh, and hmmmm, and this age (20 months) I was 28 weeks pregnant with the boys, and life was very different.

But, it got me to thinking, about Squeaks and her speech at the same age.

With Squeaks, well with my first pregnancy, one of questions they ask during pregnancy is about learning difficulties. I know I had learning difficulties (speech development and mirror writing) but am unsure on the detail, apart from I know I had speech therapy until I was about 10.
With Squeaks I was ultra vigilant, to the extent that I have a memory of taking all three children to a speech therapy appointment (so around the time she was 2) just to be certain that she was 'ok'.
Needless to say, that despite all of her late development on walking, etc, that her language development was at age 4 on some sounds, and there was very little to be paranoid about.

But with the boys, and on having this conversation with the OH, my paranoia has suddenly gone through the roof.
At 18 months, one of Squeaks' clearest phrases was 'oh dear'. The nursery she was attending at the time even documented it in her 'Learning Journey' as she intentionally used to drop things just to say her favourite phrase. And everyone got sick of hearing it in the end.

At 20 months the boys clearly say 'uh oh'.

And yes, this really does make me question the kind of parent I am.

I know at the best of times I wear rose tinted spectacles, but I am sure Squeaks speech development was a lot clearer and more developed by 20 months. I know the conversations we had whilst I was on maternity.

And I can't help but think I have reached the pitfall, that whilst I know and love every plus of twins, that the reality is, not just the lack of extra arms, but extra everything, I can't replicate the one-to-one time with the boys, the time simply doesn't exist. And the boys are completely different, different motivations, different attention spans. And I have pacified myself with how well they communicate with each other.
Until now.

Last night, Tiny was having 'needy' time, he had to be sat, cwtching mummy, and yet he knew Cheeky was creeping up on him (out of his line of sight) and started chuckling, and Cheeky crept back and forth, keeping the laughter going.
And I have no idea how this is possible, I just got the amazing benefit of being witness to this bond.

But I still worry.
I think, in ,my rational moments, it is only natural that their speech is delayed, a month prem, boys, twins.
But I still worry.
As twins is their speech likely to be affected?
They may communicate well with each other, but it needs to be language others understand, and can be a part of.
I still don't know if my learning difficulties were genetic, but I know my brother and I had similar problems, and knowing that, and the bond the twins have... I worry.

And, when the health visitors came for the 18 month check up they said we wouldn't see them again.
But I'm sure Squeaks (in England) had a 2 year check up that led to the referral to the speech therapist.

Ahhhh, I'm sure it will all be ok.
Famous last words.


  1. I'm sure it will be ok...but that never stops the worry does it?! I'm sure I've heard that whilst young twins use more of their own language which levels out as they get older, but that may be absolute rubbish. I wouldn't imagine less 1-to-1 time has anything to do with it. If anything, they have the extra stimulus of Squeaks and her goings on! Come on twins, words soon! x

  2. I had twins and what i have watched in them is..when one thinks of some thing the other will also have the same image. I was so shocked and even the doctor had no words. I am so happy but at the same time a bit worried 23 Weeks Pregnant With Twins


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