Friday, 12 October 2012

Miniland toys: A Review

When being asked to review toys recently, we were really grateful to DKL for understanding the toys we needed for a peaceful existence. This is playtime twin style:

Anything can be part of playtime, and as a result I am frequently explaining away the bumps and bruises with the simple line "Twins".
Mr J isn't good at buying gifts for the boys. The last time (and the last time) he came home with a new toy it was a wooden container, which you used a little wooden hammer to fit balls into the circles. Oh yes, providing the boys with a hammer- great.

Fortunately DKL sent us some fantastic toys from Miniland.
My favourite of the two, for many reasons, was the MiniMobil- a set of eight vehicles. 
So, first and foremost, the price for these is great, for the vehicles you are getting and the quality. I would definitely consider this as a future gift.

I loved the colours- great for helping the boys with their development. I loved how they were so defined- it's not a set of cars, there's a people carrier, a train and a plane- again, great for reinforcing words with the boys.
Most of all, of course, I loved the fact that they are so soft in feel (so no reason to use for beating the other up!). That the boys could easily grasp them and play, making noises, a really tactile toy which just encourage interaction.
I think I most fell in love with the fact they are not like their other perspex cars, which of course are loved, but the Miniland vehicles were just a great feel, implying a quality product.
The boys certainly enjoyed playtime:

I really would recommend these to anyone with children from 1 through to probably 5. At 3 1/2 Squeaks loves them too, and I imagine her cousins would also have great fun with them.

We were also fortunate to receive a dumper truck, again by Miniland.
Now, again I loved this, but suspect I will be loving it a lot more when the weather brightens.
Now, Squeaks had a lot of fun with this. She has Happyland figures and had great fun putting them in to drive the vehicle round.
The boys, they had fun too! They thought it would be a great way to move their afternoon snack around the lounge, and also to collect up the minimobils.
I think I was most surprised by the size of the truck. It is a fantastic toy, probably from about 12 months when that first awareness of moving things happens, and the size means it's great to get hold of any play with.

For me, I think it would be great for garden fun. All three children are such great fans of moving the sand out of the sandpit (NB my OCD does surface around now) that this would just be so great for sand moving, rather than finding it in hoods and pockets.

Again, it's a great price. It does what it says 'on the tin' it tips, it carries, and it offers lots of fun for little hands, and little imaginations.

I have to admit now having a list of Miniland toys, for the boys birthday and for stocking fillers too!

Disclosure: We were sent the Miniland Minimobil and Dumper Truck for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views expressed are our own.

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