Monday, 8 October 2012

My children and their love of music

Squeaks loved music from a young age. It was a calming influence. Each night before she went to sleep, Mr J would sit her on his knee and they would watch You Tube. Two videos were guaranteed to soothe her toward the idea of sleep:

The boys have been different kettles of fish. There has been no need to soothe them to sleep, on a good  night, put them down in their cot and they are asleep within minutes; on a different night, they'll spend some time 'talking' before falling asleep.

The key difference, a difference that Mr J and I are agreed on, is that the boys LOVE to dance.
Squeaks now loves to dance, but neither Mr J or I can recall this from the past.
The boys on the other hand...!
Radio on in car, look in rear view mirror, the boys are 'bopping'.
I think the boys are worse travellers then their sister (as their sister did a lot of long distance travel 'back in the day'), but the boys love to get involved.
Squeaks is hypnotised by music whereas the boys just get down and boogey.

And even in this they are different.
Tiny is much more likely to dance along to 'music', most things on the radio, Cheeky is more likely to reserve judgement and then begin 'moshing' to The Killers, or an equivalent.
Cheeky loves to rock out, wherease Tiny just loves to dance.

I do think it incredible. That not only is their such a difference between Squeaks and her brothers, but between her brothers there is such differentiation.

We have one slight problem. As I have been in absolute hysterics this weekend playing music out of my phone I have come across a flaw. That my phone doesn't allow me to play music and record video footage at the same time.

So, hopefully, maybe next week, I'll be able to make use of the digital recorder I received as a #ButlinsAmbassador to show you my sense of humour- that, to their mummy, what fantastic little dancers I can call my sons!

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  1. a - your boys when they were in those bouncy chairs were bouncing in time and in unison right from the start.
    b - not that flippin' Killers album still?


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