Saturday, 27 October 2012

My heart runneth over

I finished yesterday's post with this line.
It sums up my week.

I have had three days away with work. And as always I have missed my family.

And to come home to my family, it is indescribable how uplifting it feels to turn my key in the front door.

I have been reminded this week how precious life is.
How every moment is there is be lived.
Memories created.

This week I have received something beautiful in the post, thanks to the random act of kindness from Sarah @ Boo, Roo and Tigger Too.

And I have been grateful for kindness from a lovely lady named Nicola, and would ask anyone who can to support Alexander's Charity Ball.

I have attended my first 'parents evening', and had reinforced my feelings about my daughter. That she has the enthusiasm and kindness so contagious on contact.

My little boys continue to astound me. To beat up on each other, but to show compassion when the tears start. Who could refuse the offer of a sick blanket (muslin) and do-dy (dummy)?

My children- my heart.

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