Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Our love of Judith Kerr

Squeaks received the most gorgeous Christmas gift when she was 2. 'Mog the Forgetful Cat' fast became one of her favourite books.
It is a beautiful story and Squeaks was gifted with the pop out edition, and the interactivity meant at her tender age she was mesmerised.

Squeaks has fast become a fan of Judith Kerr.
'The Tiger Who Came To Tea' was one of the collection I put together for her as a baby, yet as a toddler the book became hers, when put under pressure she can recite the book- as long as you are on the right page.

We received 'My Henry' to review. And I must admit my views prevailed for this book.
The book is beautiful, the illustrations are wonderful, and they did hold a place with Squeaks. And she loved the pictures.
For me, the story is about what life is about. In the case of Henry's wife it's about life and that no matter what it can't compare to her perfect life. For mum, it was too close. For my beautiful child it was perfect- this was where your imagination should lead you.

'The Great Granny Gang' is Judith Kerr's most recent publication. And this holds a place in the heart of anyone who recalls their gran/ nan/ mamgu with fondness.

I loved the reference to the gran who drove a van. My mum didn't have a car until we left home, due to my brothers' moto-cross hobby we only had a transit van. It made me smile.

Both Squeaks and I loved the illustrations in the book.The rhythmical narrative of the book drew Squeaks in, and as always her narrative was a constant throughout.

Admittedly, mummy and daddy both wear 'hoodies' so some of the messages were a little more difficult for the grown ups, but for Squeaks this was about right versus wrong, and right won out.

Squeaks did love the illustrations, especially the hot air balloon and the crocodile.
At her age (3 [and a half!]) the book was open enough to love the illustrations and discuss the content without prejudice. I do wonder about reinforcing stereotypes, but I'm happy that mummy and daddy do have a role to play in questioning Squeaks in our thinking.

For Squeaks, there is no getting away from a good book, and this certainly met her mark.

Disclaimer: We received 'My Henry' and 'The Great Granny Gang' to include in this review. The opinions contained are our own. 

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