Sunday, 7 October 2012

Project #366 - Week 40

So, this has been my worst week for photos for quite some time. Admittedly, some weeks are poor quality, or photos I know to you I've taken before ("hey look, it's my child, yes, in the garden"), but to me it's my child growing up.
But this week, this week has a "me- right now" theme running through it- aka sheer desperation.

Work is consuming my life.
The usual dilemma, I love a challenge- I love my family.
So, for this week (and hopefully this week only) I have no favourite photo.

Sunday: Cheeky's first blood wound. The bad parent assumed it was Tiny )who more commonly runs into trouble, and appreciates the resultant cwtches). Sunday morning, bad mummy left boys alone in the bedroom, bad mummy heard *that* cry, mummy identifies cause of cry, swoops in for baby, identifies cause of crying, diagnoses solution, and when the crying stopped and mummy stopped cwtching to look at baby- baby transpired to be Cheeky.
Well, at least I could tell them apart for the remainder of the week (bad mummy joke).

Monday: I spent the day with my *lovely* customers, the ones that decided after our last stint together to recommend me for a NVQ in Herding Cats. I spent a long day with them, facilitating our continued work together. By 3pm I could not string a sentence together, at which point I had to go into a meeting with our client about due diligence- I got home at 9 and sank a glass of wine.

Tuesday: Some quality time with Squeaks and hama beads. After the fun of creation I reaped the opportunity to sit back and watch her making conversation.

Wednesday: A bit of time with Squeaks before bed. Playing with a fireman, which for this particular day was a policeman. Who am I to question?

Thursday: Faffing with an excel spreadsheet. Which became the bane of my life on Tuesday and continues to (aptly) excel in the role.

Friday: After a day of doing nothing as intended (I was not intending to do nothing, I had not done the things I intended, therefore 'doing nothing, as intended'- Note to self, use punctuation). The only thing I could hope to achieve was a 'to do' list for next week. Enough said.

Saturday: almost back to full health, Tiny becomes obsessed with Ariel the mermaid. And suddenly cwtches from mummy were dropped in favour of the hypnotism Arial offered.

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  1. I especially love the beads photo. Lovely. such a great activity

  2. I hope work calms down a little for you next week, so hard when it runs away and you have a family to look after too x

  3. ooooh that cut looks sore but will soon heal (you bad mummy you!!). i like the photo of Tiny playing with Ariel and if it keeps him out of trouble, then all good i say! x

  4. Sounds a busy week - must be tricky to balance it all.

  5. Wonder woman! I do not know how you do it!

    Thanks for linking up

  6. Your life does sound very hectic! The photos are all lovely, but I have had an uninspired week this week too, but we are nearly there now!

  7. Life can get in the way can't it! And no, you aren't a bad parent. Kids explore. They learn. They experiment and even the most innocent of toys can inflict a wound! Hope his eye is better very soon. :-)

  8. Some weeks are just like that, but I do feel your pain: you have a lot of balls to juggle. I also sympathise on the flesh wound. Happens frequently when my back is turned....

  9. Oh poor baby..I know what you mean about 'that' cry. It puts a knot in the depth of your belly.

  10. the first of many no doubt, part and parcel of growing up. MY local A&E knew us by name we were there that often for one thing or another


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