Sunday, 21 October 2012

Project #366 - Week 42

So, with a bit of dragging of feet, and a slight reliance on accepting delays, here we are at week 42.
For some reason, more than ever, it is feeling like a challenge- not so much the taking photos bit, more the pause for breath to write a post.

So, this was our week:

Sunday: my brave soldier. A trip to A&E for a bit of glue to the head. As you can tell, a week on the funny side is emerging.

Monday: ok, so on what level to hotels get to put Christmas trees up. Probably about the same level as me for posting a photo of the thing (and yes, come December 1st I will be in the full Christmas spirit).

Tuesday: A much needed drink after work. In a fire station (now converted).

Wednesday: As I got my train home from London I was cheered up by a photo of Squeaks, still full of energy despite a day of nursery and school.

Thursday: my favourite photo of the week. Squeaks is beginning to smile a lot more naturally for the camera.

Friday: Tiny decides his lolly needs to be accompanied by the newspaper.

Saturday: for all those moments I think the boys physically look more like their daddy, moments like these are great- enjoying a book whilst mummy does some grocery shopping.

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  1. Glue to the head?! My goodness they find new and interesting ways to challenge us. More tales for the 21st birthday
    I agree that the photo on the rug is lovely. A great face and the lighting is perfect

  2. Lovely photos, it's great to see them growing up in font of our eyes. Hope that your little boy's head is ok now?

    Thanks for linking up

  3. Lovely photos, looks like a busy week in your house x

  4. That Christmas tree looks rather sad and lame at the moment. Hope the head is healing well.

  5. Christmas trees??? A bit early but I suppose Christmas will be everywhere soon. Lovely photos, they look so calm and well behaved in the trolley, are they always like that?

  6. Oh dear your poorly boy., what on earth did he do to himself? Must have been scary if glue and a trip to A & E was required. And yes Christmas tree up already is very early and crazy!! X

  7. The rug shot is fab, great capture. :)

  8. glue has to be easier than stitches. love the monkey on the monkey bars

  9. Ah poor boy. Hope he's ok after his ordeal.
    That glue is a marvellous invention. Less scarring but it's a bugger to get off!! I had to wait for it to peel off on its own - took about 2 weeks!!

  10. Hope the head is all good now. Can't tell you the number of A&E glue incidents we have had over the years! Hope that tree is going away again for a month or so!


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