Saturday, 27 October 2012

Project #366 - Week 43

So, this week has felt a bit easier, but probably not.

I spent two days doing interviews. It's always interesting to find out about people and what they think sets them aside.
I had the benefit of meeting a lovely lady who credits a lot of her success to a positive attitude, and not as in 'can do attitude'  but almost in a misplaced optimism. That as long as you continue to believe, you can come out the other side, and, if nothing else, at least you have positivity on your side.
Hmmm, such parallels with Project #366!

So, my photos of the week:

Sunday, oddly it's the boys leading Squeaks into trouble, as they introduce her to their favourite window sill in the house.
Monday: The Awards I have spent a year working towards- convincing others, agreeing a suitable plan, organising, judging panels, sorting articles for a media partnership, thinking about the event. Needless to say, it was a specular let down, I didn't get the big bang I was hoped for, I didn't go out and get sloshed afterwards. Instead my throat started hurting, and my voice remains a shadow of its former self.
Tuesday: a much needed MMS pick-me up- Squeaks getting ready for her swimming lesson.
 Wednesday: Home in time to put Little Miss to bed, she had other ideas- "If you can get me out of the box I'll go to bed."
Thursday: The boys discover where I'd left my phone and spend a while on the stairs having conversations.
Friday: More sharing of troublesome ideas. This time the overturned halloween tub- obviously.

Saturday: a much enjoyed birthday party, discovering a new play centre- the boys seem to like it.

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  1. very very difficult to read the text that is across the sides...sorry

  2. Great play centre the boys seems to enjoy eating inside it anyway. My two keep sitting inside boxes like that too!! Sounds like a busy week at work for you, glad you relaxed with some M & M s x

  3. Some fun shots this week. I like the goggles shot best.

  4. Babba being clever using the box to step up!!

  5. lovely photos, its hard to read the text. :-)

  6. Great Photos, think your template has gone a wee bit faulty though x

  7. That last photo is gorgeous, they look so smart and cute!!

  8. Friday's pics made me laugh! They will always find a way...

  9. Sorry to hear about your awards, after all the work that is disappointing. Looks like the kids helped compensate with their lovely smiles. That Birthday play place is going down well!

  10. I love the photo of the little one in the box. I can see why she would be refusing to go to bed. Great fun and a great shot


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