Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Taking household chores seriously

So, this weekend I became aware of how I am just skirting around the edges of keeping our house clean and tidy.
On the side of positives, my 'minimum standards' are that the kitchen and bathrooms are clean, that all the clothes are clean and put away. And that we run the hoover round as often as possible.

This weekend I became aware of how often I push things to one side.
That as we walk around the house carrying one thing, or a child, that I consciously overlook what's under my nose.

Last Sunday night as I packed my bags for London I put the pair of shoes by the door I was intending to wear.
Monday morning, I changed my mind, And yes, at 0530 instead of putting my shoes away I left them by the door and went off to work.
When I got home on Wednesday night I thought it was really cute that my shoes were upstairs, that no doubt Squeaks had been wearing them around the house (the safe assumption).

Until this Sunday night, where I once again decided on the same pair of shoes for the Monday train to London. I nipped upstairs. There was only one shoe there. I searched high and low. No sign.
It's ok, I thought to myself I'll wear my green shoes (it's only until I get to London and put my 'heels' on).
Until I remembered for whatever reason they'd ended up in the sandpit over the summer and somehow been left there (past the point of no return and all).

Fortunately, after much searching I found the other shoe.

And whilst I spent my time searching I found lots of parts belonging to other pieces and pairs.
And realised, that we are far from the point of having a tidy house.

One for the New Year's Resolutions list?

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