Monday, 1 October 2012

The Johnson's- A year in Wales

So, on the 30th September 2011 we completed on our move to Wales, and we moved into our new home on 1st October.

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm learning life will never be dull.

We've had the most fantastic year, but we've also had a really difficult time.

It has been far more difficult than I ever predicted for Mr J. Having moved a lot since I left my family home I didn't really pay attention to anything but the benefits of moving to Wales. And whilst Mr J appreciates the support, probably more than me, moving away from a home of 40-some years is not something I understood, and has been so much more difficult for him than I understand.

This has been off set slightly by his mum moving to Wales. It has only happened in the last month, and the initial relief is tangible, I just hope it is the right choice for everyone. I once read that parents should never follow their children, and I have a little guilt for Nana Windows having to uproot to be nearer to her family. I hope she will find it the move she needs. The flat we found for her is perfect for her needs, and much more so than her house in Yorkshire, and she gets to see her grandchildren, and son, on an almost daily basis.

Oddly, I don't think I have seen any more of my friends than before I moved down. There is something that makes you make the effort when you are travelling down once a month and sorting diaries, when you live nearby things can always be rescheduled. And oddly, this works for us, life is hectic, chaotic, and as long as I get some time with my friends, life is good.
Work has been really difficult. I don't know if this is related to our move to Wales. I suspect it would have been more difficult if we were still in Yorkshire, but I don't know if I pushed myself a little bit harder knowing I had more support. Needless to say, I've spent at the last six weeks trying to take my foot off the pedal.

We have the perfect garden. I can't carry on this post giving a tale of two halves. This one is 100% positive, our garden is perfect. In Yorkshire we had a steep garden, over three levels, Squeaks did laps of it when she was two, before she was two she had to be accompanied. The boys have made the most of the garden since they were crawling, and the weather has been on our side too make this more rather than less of an occasion.

Squeaks is in school. This wouldn't have been the case until she turned four in Yorkshire. She is thriving. Three days a week she does wraparound, arriving in pre-school at 0915 and being picked up from school at  a quarter past three. And one day a week she manages a swimming lesson on top of that. Her vocabulary and comical sentences keep me on my toes.

The boys, what can I say? They have grown so fast, and yet remain my babies. That they have achieved the same weight, that they are walking... running... jumping. Laughing, dancing... and generally getting up to mischief.
And for us, me and Mr J, who knows. We are hopefully stronger than ever. But I know how easy it is to be complacent. And with three children it remains difficult to keep focus on two individuals.
I think it is only keeping sight of what makes us happy as individuals, that we can come together as a family, and be a part of what we have created. We have created the most perfect family, but only from keeping a relationship based on two people coming together.
This year, I have learned that this is the easiest relationship to put on a back burner, that there is an assumption that everything else will keep it together.
It's definitely an assumption.

Into year 2.
Balance, balance.
Juggle, juggle.

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  1. moving is always a difficult decision but it does sound like you and your family are happy in wales and I am sure that your husbands mum will love her time near by you too xx


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