Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Themed children's bedrooms- send help!

So, I am writing this post for a number of reasons:
1. I am lazy (I know pinterest will probably help but I am not 'there' with it yet).
2. I am in need of help.
3. I've never done a linky and this would be a great way of easily finding inspiration.

So, first, the dilemma:

  1. We moved into a four bedroom house a year ago. Like most houses we looked at it has good sized bedrooms and a 'smaller bedroom.
  2. We decided on a four bedroom because we always intended our children would have their own space- and own room.
  3. When we moved in, for whatever reason on the day, our bedroom was obvious (it had an ensuite), we decided on the 'spare room' (We didn't think it was right to split the boys up yet, and we had a double bed frame I can't bear to part with).
  4. We have gorgeous nursery furniture and one room without a built-in wardrobe.
  5. We decided, for ease, to put Squeaks in a double bed as she sleeps more comfortably and it allowed for us to read bedtime stories and have snuggles a lot easier.
And so the conclusion, for the more random rationale was:
  • Our room: the one with the ensuite.
  • The spare room: the other large front facing bedroom, which fits a double bed.
  • The boys' room: the one without the fitted wardrobes (so we could put the nursery furniture in). 
  • Squeaks' room: the one left, and the room with the best view.

And, here is what we have learned over the course of this year:

  • Mr J will inevitably end up in the spare room, due to musical beds, or just the need for one of us to have a full night's sleep.
  • Squeaks would like to sleep in a cot, simply because her brothers do.
  • We have asked mums of multiples for advice, and the conclusion, we would like to move the boys into beds before they turn two- the same as we did with Squeaks.
  • It is not practicable to change the boys cots into beds and still expect them to stay in the same room.
And the irony:
  • I have only just managed to get Squeaks' room as co-ordinated as I would like.
  • The boys have their perfect room.
And yet, we have taken the decision to sort the room swap over Christmas.

We know, in spite of what Squeaks currently says, the moment they change rooms she'll want to change back.
That despite my promotion of 'gender free' I'm not 'there' with the boys moving into a pink polka dot bedroom.
That the sensible thing would be for the boys to move into the spare room.
But we are too reliant on the spare room, both for friends staying and respite.

And so, to make this work for everyone we need to make the 'new' bedrooms as attractive as possible.

So, I am thinking of putting a bunk bed into Squeaks' new room- so she still has options.

That I would like to 'theme' the rooms:
So far I am thinking: pirates, dinosaurs, farm animals, the zoo, nautical, the circus.
I would like to stick with themes that mean it won't matter what child sleeps in the room.
I still hope eventually each child will have their own room.
And I would like it that the children will be willing to share, to 'room swap' (perfect world scenario).

And this is where I seek your help!
Do you have any posts on decorating your children's rooms?
Have you seen any great posts on themed bedrooms?

Please, link up, and make our Christmas a tiny bit less stressful!


  1. I did a post this week http://www.offcumden.com/2012/10/bedroom-decoration.html The stickers I mention in the post were bought from John Lewis. Good luck!

  2. I have no posts as we didn't even paint or decorate my son's room. Apart from the cot (which like you we'll be looking to change around Xmas time to a bed), there's a flatpack rubbish dressing table/drawers and an antique wardrobe with mirror. Oh and a hideous huge comfy chair. And a spare divan single bed which I so want to get rid of so I can get round to actually decorating his room.

    So I'm going to be bookmarking and hopefully getting my own ideas!


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