Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tredegar Park, Newport

I'm starting this post, on a negative (it's temporary), I have such amazing memories of Tredegar Park from my childhood.

I remember a massive robe climbing frame. And I really do mean massive. it was red rope, and had black nests to rest in as you made your way up. I do not remember ever reaching the top, hey, I'm sure I did. I know we have photographs somewhere of my older brother at the pinnacle.

So, I volunteered stopping off here on our way home from our recent holiday.
And my heart sank.
Probably, for health and safety reasons, the climbing frame is long gone.
And as we reached the park, I felt disappointment, and wasn't quite sure it would keep my little people entertained.

But then...
If  told you five minutes before these photos were taken I was screaming like a banshee as Mr J insisted we should have a spin.
And all my screams of torture achieved was encouraging my children to want a turn (go figure).
Whilst the park did not have the headliner I was hoping for, it did have everything to keep the little people entertained, and was different to our local parks.

Squeaks managed to prove to Grandad that she is a natural gymnast.
And keep daddy on his toes as she scaled the new climbing frame.

The boys even tried their luck, and has grandma and grampy on hand for support.

We finished the trip with a meal at the local, The Wishing Well. It offered good food.... if you accepted the waiting times.
We did manage, just about, to keep everyone entertained, and I learned a lot, judging by how Cheeky mimic's mummy on the phone!

Tredegar Park (sports ground) is just off Junction 28 of the M4. Most local to Newport. It has free entry. As well as free parking, it does (obviously) have a great sports area additional to the park.

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  1. Hay,

    I also have good memories of the climbing frame, did you manage to find any pictures of it?


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