Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A 3 year old and the ballet

So, yes, if you had told me about a three year old going to the ballet...
And admittedly, the age guide was 5+.
But Squeaks has been doing so well at the theatre.
She loves dancing.
She loves reading.
So, when I saw Ballet Cymru were doing Roald Dahl's Little Red Riding Hood... well, I couldn't help but snap up two tickets.
In my head I figured, if we went alone and we had to leave, well, lesson learned.

Squeaks was really excited to be at the theatre again. She asked for mummy's watch so she could count down the minutes to three o'clock.

We were in the Weston Studio,which is comparable to Theatre 2 at Sherman Cymru. A great space for smaller productions.
And, in the same way as Squeaks got to see her first 'proper' theatre productions at the Sherman, this was ideal for a first ballet.

I cannot quite believe how fantastic Little Red Riding Hood was. Based on Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes it was the perfect ballet for young people. There was a narrator, so it was more than music and dance, it had all the elements of great stoytelling, but gently introduced my child to ballet.

Squeaks was mesmorised throughout. Making everyone within hearing distance laugh as she announced "It's the big bad wolf"... on more than one occasion.

As Little Red Riding Hood finished, in a way that any parent of an aspiring sassy child would be proud, I was happy with our first trip to the ballet. I think the performance was about 40 minutes in duration.

Apart from the family behind wasn't... and went to investigate. As it turns out that saved me the embarrassment of walking out in our coats! We were seeing two Roald Dahl's stories!! The Little Pigs was also being performed.
Oddly, Squeaks must have known this- as I was trying to negotiate putting her coat on, she was negotiating her need for ice-cream... she knew this was just an interval!

The Three Little Pigs was as captivating as Little Red Riding Hood. Admittedly for Squeaks she was beginning to wane- the fact it was a three o'clock performance had probably added to this.
This performance was shorter at about 20 minutes.
But, despite being a bit more snuggle-y she was on form... again announcing "I'll huff and I'll puff, and I'll..." rudely interrupted by mummy's "Sssshhhh".

This was the most fantastic introduction to ballet for Squeaks.
I would actually say if it had just been Little Red Riding Hood it would have been perfect for three year olds.
Squeaks was one of the youngest there but did herself proud. One of the people within earshot even commented "Your daughter knows her stories!".... And for that, and that alone.... I know we're doing an ok job of this parenting thing.

I would encourage anyone who has this production in a theatre nearby to visit. I think there were children up to the age of 10 there, but really, anyone with a love of Roald Dahl or the ballet would love it.

Disclosure: This is an honest review written on the basis of purchasing two tickets for Ballet Cymru's production at the Wales Millennium Centre.


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