Monday, 12 November 2012

A day with Squeaks

My daughter has the ability to make any day fantastic.
Some times I forget. Some times work gets in the way. Some times I am so happy spending time with three children that I forget about what good company they are as individuals.

Saturday was a day that should have gone so badly. And ended up with Mr J putting Squeaks to bed to be told "I had the most fantastic day ever".

So, we thought we were going into Cardiff for a preview of Nativity 2. Invitation in hand we planned our day.

We decided, to maximise enjoyment we would take the park and ride. Squeaks loves buses.
Oh, did I forget there was a Wales rugby match in Cardiff?
We managed to park and headed for the buses into Cardiff centre.

A lady greeted us "Buses for shopping?", "Yes" I replied.
"No mummy" piped up Squeaks, and looking at the lady said: "We're going to the cinema." Awwww.
As we got on the bus- oh and imagine the excitement of a double decker!- the lady said "Have a lovely time at the cinema" to which Squeaks turned around, gave her 'the look' and said "I'm not the cinema, I'm Squeaks Poppy Johnson". Awww my child.

After finding out we had turned up at the cinema a day early- no amount of waving an email was going to change this- I had to break it to Squeaks that we weren't going to the cinema.
This went better than expected. Squeaks has never been to the cinema, so didn't really 'get' what we were missing.

We headed to the shopping centre and our first port of call was Lakeland- nothing like tempting a child with the hope of cake making.

It worked, Squeaks took proud possession of some candy hearts.

She was then addicted to spotting all the 'Father Christmas trees' and I realised this was the first time in a long time we were taking life at a leisurely pace rather than rushing from A to B.

For all the 'Father Christmas trees' was saw, Squeaks took a bit longer to spot the one in this photo.

From here, we headed to the shop I had naively thought would make up for the lack of cinema- the Disney Store.
Well, Squeaks fell in love with a Mickey Mouse, who was nearly as big as her. Cue cursing in my head, What was I thinking of taking a child into the Disney Store.

Unexpectedly Squeaks completely turned the situation around herself.
From having to negotiate that her few pennies wouldn't be accepted as payment.
To accepting that mummy didn't have enough pennies for it either.
We finally agreed that Father Christmas would be the best option. That if Squeaks was the good girl she was convinced she is that a letter was in order.
And we left peacefully.

We then did what every one should do on a shopping trip- we went shopping for shoes.

As we walked back to the bus Squeaks took great pleasure in the following conversation:
"I can climb up that can't I mummy?"
"Yes, if you want to, of course you can."
"That's because girls are good at climbing aren't they mummy?"
"Yes Squeaks, girls are great at climbing."
"Girls are better at boys at climbing aren't they mummy?"
"Yes, girls are better at boys than climbing sweetheart."
"'Bye mum."
Cue five minutes later: "Mummy, it's cold and wet, I can't climb this!"

We went on the bus back to base, maybe we went home via 'Old MacDonald's' as all the restaurants in St David's 2 had queues a mile long...

And then we made cakes- the perfect end to a day- the 'mummy baking cupcakes' stereotype!

Followed by 'that' letter to Father Christmas. Which oddly included endorsements by Grandma and Grampy- dictated by Squeaks.

My perfect day.

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