Thursday, 1 November 2012

Blogging on empty

Ok, I've hit that place, the place where I have nothing to blog about.
And I don't want to just post reviews.
It isn't what my blog is about.

But this week,
At every turn,
There are things I don't seem to be able to blog about.

The week started with a need to provide moral support,
And ended up with feeling like an intruder on someone's grief.

This week I saw people I haven't seen for a very long time.
And realised none of us have changed, we're just a bit older.

Friendship is an odd thing.
I treasure those friends whom I don't see for months on end and yet we pick up like it was yesterday.

I have realised that other friendships wane.
And memory cannot recall the reason for this.
But that there is always an affection.

I realise that my life does not have enough space.
That my children fill so much of it, and I do not want to change that.
That my children have the ability to change so much with their generous nature.

And after everything this week, the favourite phrase returns "Don't sweat the small things."

This week I have borne witness to something no-one should have to experience in a lifetime.
That memories may eventually win through.
That love conquers all.

This week I recommit to not creating dramas out of the small things.
This week I recommit to accepting that life will throw things at me, which are made to make me stronger.

Most importantly,
This week I recommit every moment of happiness and laughter to my memory.
And without effort each memory will hold a place in my heart.

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  1. Oh bless you. I think we all reach that point where blogging just doesn't cut it anymore compared to what needs to be dealt with in real life. I've no idea what's been going on for you but I want to send you a great big hug down to Wales and wish you all the best. x


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