Monday, 19 November 2012

Music for Kids Recorder Set

Squeaks has had a recorder ever since she was toddling. Fortunately it was kept at her Nana's house!

A few months ago we stumbled on a 'piano recital' at the Wales Millennium Centre- for children. Squeaks loved it and is always playing her keyboard with gusto!

The Open and Play Recorder pack is a great first start for seeing how children will approach learning to make 'music'. And at £9.99 it's a great investment compared to taking a lurch into a piano!

The recorder pack comes in two themes and with Squeaks being a bit pirate mad our choice was obvious.
The Open & Play recorder packs include:

  • High quality three piece coloured descant recorder
  • Recorder cleaning rod and carry bag with drawstring
  • Themed fingering chart with handy 'Starting to Play' tips
  • 60 peelable themed stickers with which to decorate the recorder and music
  • Easy to understand 'Starting to Play Recorder' book and CD

Squeaks of course loved the recorder and the stickers. It was honing her concentration which was the challenge and fortunately between the stickers and the tutor book we were able to achieve this.

A theme she loves helped no end (even though I had to convince her that she couldn't play the tune to 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates').
It did help her to associate the stickers (which include fish, maps, skull & crossbones, parrots and pirates hats) with achievements- the first one of course being playing softly!

The book and CD offer an excellent introduction to playing the recorder. The CD supports the learning in the book so Squeaks could get a feel for what mummy was encouraging her to do.

Squeaks loved playing 'a musical instrument'. In nursery school they have 'musical instrument' time although this mainly consists of percussion. Learning to play 'Twinkle, Twinkle' albeit only using a few notes has made her incredibly proud.

The Recorder pack is great for children of all ages. It is recommended for children aged 4+, I'd have to agree with this. Squeaks will be 4 in March. We've had to choose our times carefully for keeping her concentration which means we've mainly taken advantage of weekends.

This is definitely a great introduction to playing a musical instrument, in a way that is easy to understand as a parent, to support learning through an enjoyable approach..

I would definitely consider this as a gift idea. I know parents may not be grateful but the seeing a child pick up and learning an instrument is definitely worth a few stickers!

Music for Kids promote a range of products for encouraging music for children aged 2-10. The Recorder Packs can be purchased at The Music Room.

Disclaimer: We received an Open & Play Recorder Pirate Pack for the purposes of this review. All views expressed are entirely our own.

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