Sunday, 4 November 2012

Project #366 - Week 44

This is the early hours of Sunday morning. My gorgeous Tiny decided he couldn't sleep and was brought downstairs where he promptly snuggled in and fell asleep on me. I took a few photos of him, and in this one he is looking distinctly pleased with himself.
It is moments like these I miss. The boys rarely need comfort in the night, so this was precious.

Monday: Mr J prepare our pumpkin.
Tuesday: home from London in time to get the boys ready for bed. Cheeky decided he'd rather wear mummy's shoes and bracelet than his pj's.
Thursday: the boys pop into the office for a drink.
Friday: My 2013 diary! It's always good when friends have great taste in stationery. The diary splits into work and play- and the March holiday to Butlin's immediately takes it's place.
Saturday: A great purchase in Lakehouse- we didn't wait to make them into pops- everyone just loved the vanilla sponge balls!

Wednesday: the weather was too miserable for going out, but these little ones loved dressing up.

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  1. What a lovely moment with Tiny, mine all come for the goodnight hugs in the evening and it's such a precious time. Great halloween costumes, I especially love that pumpkin jumper!!!

  2. Loving the costumes and the previous nighttime shot.

  3. I was another that loved bedtime hugs, they grow all to quick. love the happy faces. Wonder what your daughter is doing to amuse the twins, they have their eyes glued to her


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