Saturday, 10 November 2012

Project #366 - Week 45

This week has ended on a real high, it's been a stressful one but fortunately things have turned themselves around.

Sunday: I became obsessed with my children's blue eyes- I guess this is an ok reaction given I have contributed to the production of three children, all have blue eyes, whilst mine are green.

Monday: Squeaks came home from school whilst I was working. I was on the phone to a colleague. Knowing she could get away with quite a bit whilst I was trying to remain 'professional' my free hand become a place for her new stickers.

Tuesday: The opportunity to visit Squeaks at school. I loved how mesmorised she was during story time.

Wednesday: Returning from London to mail. And good mail. Three lots of theatre tickets!

Thursday: The boys help me make the beds.... or something like that.

Friday: Another office crasher. Tiny decides he can watch me from the comfort of Squeaks seat on Mr J's bike. I was more impressed with his balance in getting to the seat without the whole thing tipping over.

And Saturday, making the most of a bad situation. Squeaks and I had a mummy-daughter day. After the trip to the cinema was banished we had shopping time. As a result of this incident Squeaks sat down this evening to write her letter to Father Christmas. My heart melted a few times today.

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  1. Think my favourite is your boys "helping" to make the beds. Lovely selection of shots though. Great to sum up the whole week x

  2. He climbed into that seat all by himself? Brilliant work!

    Thanks for linking up

  3. i see bed making may need a little practise to make perfect! nothing wrong with being obsessed with your childrens eyes - we are allowed to as a mummy x

  4. They are quite different at school aren't they. they do all look totally captivated with their story there.

  5. Love that you got stickers stuck on you - can't stay still for too long or you will be stickered! We have been writing to Santa too!

  6. I always like to have the opportunity to see H at school - find it intriguing.

  7. Great photos as always! Love the sticker hand, that's hilarious! Sounds like a nice way to spend Saturday and that is a gorgeous Mickey!

  8. They are most impressive stickers and isn't being on the phone always an invitation to the kids? Love it

  9. A lovely collection of photos there. I'm very impressed by your son's climbing abilities there!

  10. Love the Mickey Mouse shot. her eyes are definitely saying "Please can I keep him, mummy?"


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