Sunday, 25 November 2012

Project #366 - Week 47

Week 47, well we returned from the fantastic week away, so this week was going to be a let down, right?

We left week 45 with Tiny's obsession with ITNG, so it seemed fitting to start the week with Cheeky's obsession with Peppa Pig- anything to get out of Sunday's bath time!

Monday: we went to see how Grand dad is settling into retirement. It would seem 'pretty well' sums it up.

Tuesday: A trip to Manchester. I miss Manchester. Although it turns out in missing the Wheel of Manchester I am probably not alone, it seems to have disappeared off in favour of Christmas.

Wednesday: In the last week I have secured myself a new outfit and a new haircut. Mr J's comment "Nice, your hair was starting to look a bit wild." Admitedly, the last time I got my hair cut was for CybHer- ssshhh, but it would have been nice to be told about the state of my appearance ... Anyway, this is me- happy with my appearance in London (and yes, maybe better outside of the hotel, but it was peeing down and I predicted a frizzy mess by the time of getting to the office.

Thursday: did I mention a few weeks ago Squeaks broke our tv? Hmmmm, a tearaway hairbrush and my daughter's fair hand. We decided to go through our home insurance, which was a lot easier than in 2009 when we got burgled. And as the tv was past the point of repair, this was the pleasant surprise- a 3D tv!

Friday: I finish work in time to spend time with the little people. It seems that alongside Cheeky's tantrums that Tiny has perfected planned ignorance. Note to mummy- finish work earlier on Fridays!

Saturday: the little people get to spend time with Grandma on their terms!

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  1. haha - love that Grandma's trapped in the ball pit!! Like the hair - I'm having mine cut in two weeks for the first time since the beginning of August and I can't wait - hate it at the moment!

  2. You look very smart coming in from work there!

  3. You do look smart! I love that last photo, a real classic!

  4. You're not the only one who goes a long time between haircuts, but I'm ashamed to admit how long it is since I last went as it's much longer than you.
    Liking seeing Grandad having an afternoon nap.

  5. Fab pic with Grandma! Gotta love the ball pit...

  6. Lovely photos, we're really looking forward to a visit to the Manchester markets soon.

  7. You hair looks very swishy and nice. Love the photo of Manchester.

    Thanks for linking up

  8. Good old Grandma in the ball pit looking like she's having as much fun as the kids

  9. I have a photo of my mum in a ball pool when Burton was younger! It's a lovely photo and the coloured balls really make it stand out I also like your photo of Manchester and your hair is really nice. Another great week in photos x

  10. I love ball pools, used to sit in them when the kids were young


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