Tuesday, 6 November 2012


An odd milestone, although not for my dad. In one foul swoop he's gone and done it. Retired and redundant.
My dad has been hoping to be made redundant... well, probably since I moved away from home.
At 60 plus he's achieved this aspiration.
His hopes had been built up so many times before.
I remain adamant he was the longest every serving employee.
He joined his company at 15 and had retained the contract of employment since.
Although the company employing him has changed hands many times.

As a child I never knew what my dad did for a living.
He left for work around 0745 and was home in time for the six o'clock news.
He had 'odd' job titles-  I never understood them.
My dad has never passed his driving test, his commitment now to the environment might trick you into thinking this is the reason why he relies on trains.

My dad has always demonstrated to me old-fashioned values.
Loyalty to your employer has remained the most questionable.
I went for an interview five years into my current job to be questioned on whether I was 'institutionalised'- eleven years on there's no hope for me.

The more I have talked 'work' to my dad the more I have realised we have very similar jobs- mine in the public sector, his in the private sector.
Although I made the mistake of admitting to passing my driving test.

Mr J and I are sat here scratching our heads over how my dad will cope.
On the one hand, dad has maintained a work life balance throughout his career, he has always brought paperwork home to read- but has remained defiant in the face of laptops and smart phones.
But, despite this he has worked near on every day since he was 15.

He and mum have nipped off on holiday. As you do.
I wonder if this is what life will be like for them... although mum will also need to achieve her aspiration of retiring!

My dad has retired.

Time remains an enigma.
When did my dad become old enough to retire?
Is my dad an 'old man'?
My dad enjoys (grand) parenthood so much, it makes age indifferent.
And yet, it has happened.

And, somewhat surprisingly, he has turned down the offer of looking after my three,
He really must be ready for retirement.

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