Thursday, 8 November 2012

School days and play dates

This week I have been reminded of how much my daughter is growing up.
And whilst I am cherishing every moment, as I caught the train home last night I couldn't help but reflect on how quickly it's happened.

Squeaks started nursery school in September.
There has been no hesitation.
On her first day, she bumped into a boy she knew and wandered straight off.
With mummy running after her for a goodbye kiss.

A few weeks ago we had a 'parents appointment'.
I am really pleased with the report. I was nervous.
Squeaks hasn't really had any company her age outside of playschool and nursery school.
Squeaks is very bossy with her brothers.
This is offset by how caring she is, how she wants to greet everyone with a hug.
She also has a tendency to stand and reflect, than immediately joining in.

This week I got to visit Squeaks in the school setting, as the school gave parents the opportunity to view their child's work and see the rest of the school.
There was the obvious ploy, the school is very good- everyone wants you to know.
But they did it so well.
They had older pupils give a tour of the rest of the school (the nursery is a seperate unit).
I have learned that the school has 400+ pupils, that we will eventually need to make the choice whether we would like the boys in the same or separate classes.
I was impressed (compared to the days of old) by the ICT equipment that is accessible.
I was impressed because this was aligned with so much outdoor space.

I really enjoyed seeing Squeaks on her territory.
She is an independent child. It did not matter that mummy was there, this was her school time.
She played with others and was happy to get on with her own tasks.
Proudly, whilst mummy was there, she was asked to ring the bell (not 'the bell' I remember, but a more soothing set of  'jingle bells', to signal tidy up and story time.

I know that she is growing so much, the mimicking, the new songs, words, her welsh language development- there are so many things she is now absorbing outside of the home.
And as if to reconfirm this, she has near enough outgrown her 4-5 year clothes- before she's hit 4.

And I hope she is the joy to others that she is to me.

And, as if to tip me right over the edge. Last Friday Squeaks had her first 'play date'.
She has been having swimming lessons since September, and on Saturday mornings she has been having the learning reinforced with a trip to the pool with Mr J. There she has made firm friends with a little girl, and as it was half term Squeaks and A had a play date.
She proudly came home with the cakes her and A had made with A's mum.
I am such a proud mummy. But so scared- I need to remember every moment, I am so scared of letting these milestones pass.

My little girl.
No longer wanting to be my baby.

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