Monday, 31 December 2012

13 in '13

Following on from a dismal effort at my 2012 resolutions, yet inspired by Her Pretty's 13 for '13 I thought I'd have yet another go at setting some new year's resolutions as part of Mummy Mishaps theme for the BritMums carnival.

To be honest, I'm happy with anything which focuses the mind, and I'm hoping this just might for 2013:

1. Listen to more music. I started at the end of 2012 carrying headphones with me when travelling to listen on my phone. I'm going to do this more next year, and hopefully post on a monthly basis as a reminder of my favourite tracks.

2. Baking. Squeaks and I came a long way in 2012! Hopefully 2013 might end with us creating a perfect yule log and maybe a Christmas cake.

3. The Advent Activity Calender. We gave this a go in 2012, in 2013 I'm hoping we'll be a little bit more realistic (plan in for bugs and illnesses) and make it achievable.

4. Routine. The boys will be old enough for pre-school this year and Squeaks will go from nursery school to 'proper' school (across the playground!) in September. I'd like to make all the transitions as easy as possible, especially for the boys who current;y have such a good routine. And maybe think about adding another after-school hobby for Squeaks alongside swimming.

5. Work-life balance. I need to take better care of me this year, and not overdo it at work at a cost to my family time or health. I'm hoping to hand my diary over to the lovely Lorraine to manage, and hoping she'll be a loveable rottweiller as she manages my inflexibility!

6. Career plan. I'd like one. Please.I'd like to spend some time this year figuring out what I want to do, what I enjoy, and whether my perfect job exists. I suspect the outcome will need to wait a while. I think maybe when all the little people are in school and Mr J can get a job again that I might retrain... but just a ray of hope would be enough for now.

7. Making the most of London. So in the meanwhile, my weekly overnight's in London need to be more meaningful. Even if it's just getting out with a camera, or maybe once a month a trip to the West End for a show... that would make nights away a little more bearable!

8. Photography. I'd like to do Project 365/ 52 again this year. Focus more on the photography as well as capturing memories.

9. Create a memory wall. One on my home wishlist but to sort my favourite photos of 2012 and get them printed.

10. To create children's bedrooms for the little people. To move the boys into toddler beds, and then into the larger bedroom (maybe with a pirate theme) and to create a new bedroom for Squeaks with a new bed of her liking (so she'll stay in it at night!).

11. To learn to crochet (without my mum knowing!). My mum is the most amazing seamstress, knitter, cross stitcher, decoupager... the list goes on. But she doesn't crochet. I wound her up when Squeaks was little with all the crochet items I chose from her endless booklets (not realising they were crochet!). I would like to learn to crochet as it seems something which can travel, and may just become something I'm capable of!

12. The blog. How could this be so far down the list? I need to give it some TLC. Both content and presentation. And more so I need to get better (less lazy) with commenting. I love to read blogs but flit, I need to pause for commenting!

13. Keep the family happy and healthy. Ok, I was saving the most important two 'til last! We all need to spend more time together, getting out and about, and keeping evil lurgies at bay! Fingers crossed!!


  1. Debbie these is a great list of realistic aims for 2013 and I wish you every success in achieving them. I quite like this 13 for 13 idea and may well sit down later and think up 13 of my own!!
    Thanks for my mention and for a,lowing em to link up in my post
    Happy new year lovely and may all your wishes come true x

  2. I love these goals. I think it's so important to not be too stringent with resolutions, as otherwise, there is a "failure point" that means you've already lost. Goals like these mean that you're graded more on a curve, and it's all relative. :) I love the idea of a memory wall, and may have to try one here, too!!

  3. I would like to thank you for sharing this great post with us!! it was tremendously good!! I am glad i found this post!


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