Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012- Our year that was!

As I wrote my Week 52 post it was amazing to think how far the family have come this year. We've got through some difficult times, and enjoyed the good times.

So, here are my favourite pictures of 2012 as a quick summary!

January 1st, after seeing in the New Year child free we popped to Barry Island with friends to get rid of any remaining hangovers before collecting the little people.

We discovered the Knap as a family and fed the ducks and swans:

The boys celebrated their 1st birthday (and mummy and daddy patted themselves on the back for surviving!):

 Squeaks had her first St David's Day in Wales.

We went to Barry Island as a family and I got a cover picture.

The boys showed daddy that they too like squash.

Squeaks celebrated her 3rd birthday at Peppa Pig World

 I celebrated the boys 18mth check up where they were only 1oz apart in weight.

The boys enjoyed a ride in mummy's convertible (it's going to be a long time for the next ride, the car went in favour of a car which fits the family).

We had a happy Easter.

The children enjoyed the garden.

 Squeaks enjoyed her trips to the theatre:

 The boys decided to start walking. 

  Squeaks enjoyed the Jubilee.

And showed how independent she was becoming.

The boys developed their independent appetites

Squeaks' obsession with Mickey continued.

And learned to fly a kite.

The boys became confident at walking, very quickly.

Squeaks rode Mr Chips on Brean Beach.

Started school.

And dressing up as a pirate for birthday parties.

Cheeky treated us to our first visit to A&E.

 We celebrated Hallow'een.

And went on our first family holiday.

Squeaks helped mummy get the house ready for Christmas.

And 'star'red in her first Nativity.

We all went to visit the big man.

And mummy got a special treat thanks to +Sarah Anguish

And we got a lovely picture showing how much our three have grown this year

PS this was 2011:

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  1. What a fabulous year, it's amazing to see how much the children change in a short period of time. You'll be worrying about the school run in no time.


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