Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas is... #12 Home made gifts

Sometimes Christmas has to be about going back to basics. As we contemplate the "who should we buy gifts for?" and "How much is it reasonable to spend?" there is a realisation that the wrong questions are being asked.

Christmas should not be about asking questions, but about doing what feels right. Although peer pressure inevitably gets in the way.

This year, with Squeaks now attending playschool and nursery school the question is where do you draw the line?
We think there are six people supporting Squeaks at playschool and four at nursery school. So what is practicable?

And then we discovered Snowman Soup!
Another find from Facebook, I hope this brings a personal touch to Christmas whilst it something that will be used due to its simplicity.

Snowman Soup

We have bought boxes of chocolates for both nursery school and play school but gifting one to everyone just isn't realistic for us.
So, we have made Snowman Soup as individual gifts for everyone (with a Father Christmas ornament for Squeaks' teacher).

Snowman Soup is a great, simple gift and easy to involve a toddler in the creation and excitement.
We bought the cellophane cone bags from ebay (it took me a while to figure out what they'd be called), with some curling ribbon; and then popped to the shop for hot chocolate, chocolate buttons and marshmallows.

We found it easier to use a paper cone to pour the chocolate powder into the cone (it keeps the cellophane clean), and then added the buttons and topped with the marshmallows. Squeaks loved taking part and saw her job as adding (and eating) the marshmallows and buttons.

We then tied with the ribbon, added a gift tag with instructions (put in a mug with hot water at it's simplest, a message about keeping warm in the cold or a hug in a mug at it's most poetic). We added some more curling ribbon for an added flourish.

I've seen some with a candy cane hooked on, and I think this is definitely something we'd incorporate next year.

Snowman soup

Squeaks was really proud of her efforts.... although I think she was secretly planning how to sneak one out of the room.
Snowman soup

I hope this shows the people who are making a difference in Squeaks' life that we appreciate their support. Given how excited Squeaks is about the gifts I would be happy if they like them with even half the enthusiasm.

A simple gift with lots of involvement with little people. 

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