Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas is... #13 Father Christmas

In previous years Father Christmas has been admired from afar by Squeaks. In his presence she has been overwhelmed by him.
This year I had a suspicion it would be different, I had admired Squeaks' confidence as she has hugged Peppa and George, Pudsey Bear as well as friends and relatives.
And, with this confidence in hand I decided to risk the possibility it would rub off on her brothers.

So, I decided to book tickets to take all three to see Santa Claus at Cardiff Castle.
Now, I did want three tickets, and my preference was to see him on a weekend but I could not believe how quickly tickets were being snapped up.
I booked our tickets on November 8th, and the nearest to Christmas I could book three tickets for was noon on the 15th. I dod think this ideal, it wasn't too early to get everything into town, and it was in advance of the boys' afternoon nap.

Honestly, best Father Christmas experience ever!
I loved every minute.
The Johnson's visit Father Christmas at Cardiff Castle

So, why was it so good? Well it wasn't just a trip to see Father Christmas, it was paced, there was no rush- but there was a fantastic build up to meeting the big man.

When you arrive, your little people are invited to colour in Christmas themed pictures for the big man. Alternatively there's a large empty room next door perfect for any toddlers who've been confined to a pushchair and have energy to burn.

And then you're invited through as a small group. The rooms you visit are just lovely, so perfectly Christmas, and as you travel through the rooms you reach Father Christmas. In our case we were glad to be last in the queue, the boys got to run about, Squeaks got to stand in awe as the other children got their time with the big man. And yes, Tiny did get tired as we drew nearer and may have voiced his unhappiness in his own way.
And then it was our turn.

And Santa Claus spends so much time with each child, and we had gone for the 'photo and a gift' package, and the lovely ladies were happy to go with what we wanted, and Father Christmas was happy to accommodate me on his sofa as it transpired that whilst Cheeky was going to be in awe of the big man that Tiny was going to be in pieces without mummy to hold onto.
Father Christmas at Cardiff Castle
Twins and Father Christmas at Cardiff Castle

And, on top, the presents that each child received were so perfect, quality toys, age appropriate.
Which beats hands down a few of our previous experiences.

We left, Tiny got into the buggy and fell straight to sleep. Cheeky continued to be in awe of the fantastic Christmas decorations around Cardiff, and fought sleep for as long as possible.
Squeaks was fantastic, and so excited that she had remembered to tell Santa her name, why she'd been good, and what her and her brothers would like for Christmas.
Mummy is not so happy- Squeaks has changed her mind about what she wants for Christmas, which wouldn't be a problem, if she wasn't so adamant that she only gets one present from Father Christmas.... we'll have to figure that one out!

And as for mummy and daddy, we've vowed to go back every year for as long as someone believes (and after sitting next to him- I believe again!)

Information: this post is based on purchasing three tickets at £9 each for the Santa Claus experience at Cardiff Castle.

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