Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas is... #3 Tree decorations

Christmas decorations

Yesterday I could wait no longer, as it is officially December and we have a deal that I am allowed to put the tree up on the first weekend I got my wish.

In my family home we always had to wait till after my brother's birthday, but hey- my house, my rules.

I am not sure whether I will come to take back this enthusiasm. I have distant memories of Squeaks' second Christmas, when baubles were smashed and the tree was pulled down many times.

I am hopeful I have taking pre-cautionary steps. The tree tucked away in the corner, and lots of soft toys are sitting on the fireplace to distract curiosity.

This was the first year Squeaks has stayed home to help decorate. The boys have been poorly so Mr J took them out for a drive and some shopping.

Now Squeaks helping is of course defined in the loosest terms as the photos bear witness.

Toddler helping with Christmas decorations

I was not allowed to finish putting the Christmas decorations up until Squeaks had introduced herself to all the soft toys and figurines. It was so cute to see her role play, and as life turns out I couldn't find the blu-tak so those decorations will have to wait till I get home tomorrow to complete the room decoration.
Of course, we may have rewarded our hard work by tucking into a box of chocolates before the boys got home!

I love the mix of Christmas decorations we are developing. My mum makes the most gorgeous tree decorations, knitted figures, as well as wall decorations. And there's a mix of shop-bought decorations and craft decorations.
I know for next year we have to find the best star tree topper, as Squeaks is adamant we should have a star. And my Shaun the Sheep, who is probably at least 14 really isn't cutting her mustard.
Fortunately we have reached agreement on other matters. This is my favourite decoration, and now also that of Squeaks, and as soon as it is on the tree- it is Christmas!

Disney's Tinkerbell at Christmas

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