Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas is... #4 Thinking of others

So, how are you doing with that 50p?

What fifty pence?

You know, the one that leaves your pocket every day.

I have become surprised by the money I waste.
Some money was never mine to me, so I might think I haven't lost it.
But, that expenses claim I forgot to submit.
But, that it's cheaper (by at least 50p) to drink a pint in the hotel I'm staying in than the nearby pub (that's London prices for you).
Popping into town to buy things in person rather than paying for P&P and then discovering it's not what I wanted and having to go into town to return.

And, oh, if you donate to charity before tax you save money as you only have to contribute your NI.

What am I on about?

What do you do for charity?
It's that every day question. Which you give or think a stock answer to.
I do as much as I can/ I can't do more given my circumstance.

I have to admit. I have decided to consider my response for circumstantial reasons.
It has been initiated by my employer introducing flexible benefits which includes as 'give as you earn' option. This means I can donate an amount to charity without being liable to pay income tax.

I know Mr J will kick my butt for this. I don't think in my more financially savvy days that we can afford this.
But I have looked into how much money I waste.
Which I could donate.
And, whether this money would be better off coming into our home.
Probably, yes.

But, and this is a cr*p argument, but if I could convince Mr J to have another child I probably would.
And NO! This is not a substitute of any sort.

It is an acknowledgement, that whilst we could and choose not to bring another child into the world, that many amazing parents, like us, need the boost, and many parents, like us, are left in the situation that, in spite of best intentions, life just simply hasn't worked out that way.

Child Sponsorship, to me, means that my children, first and foremost, will be aware of a world beyond their circumstance.
For me, it will mean that I am focusing my efforts. I will continue to support the charities which mean what they do, to me, within the UK, but this world wide support must exist. To give my children the best possible chance.

There's no escaping the peace of mind it will give me. That I am doing something.

But, with a bit of awareness and saving, it will have a minimal effect of the lives of my family, and a difference so much needed within the world we live.

I will let you know how I get on. Forms have been requested from ActionAid and today is the deadline for making my flexible benefit choices with my employer.

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