Friday, 14 December 2012

Little Princess Kingdom

As we set off in the car to our recent holiday we realised the error of our ways.
Despite booking a holiday home with a dvd player, and remembering to pack the portable dvd player for the car journey, as we reached 90 minutes into the journey the truth became apparent.

We hadn't packed any DVDs.
Panic set in. We had managed to keep all three entertained for this long, there was only an hour left...
Fortunately a supermarket appeared in the distance.
Mr J and Squeaks went shopping and came back, very generously, with a disc for Squeaks and a disc for the boys. Tom & Jerry I could live with. The Little Princess was a new one on me.

By the end of the holiday, after realising a lack of children's tv in the evening, a few episodes of the Little Princess became daily viewing.
Despite initial reservations (I always get uneasy about anything I perceive to be gender specific) I did get down off my high horse.
Like most of the good children's programmes, there are morals in the episodes and positive behaviour resulting from chaos and entertainment.
There was lots in the episodes on our DVD to keep everyone engaged, and Squeaks failed to bore of it, in spite of having Tom & Jerry (which she does love) as an alternative.

So, can you imagine this little girl's excitement when she arrived home to an apron with her new favourite character on! Oh yes, Squeaks is now the proud (very proud) owner of a Little Princess Apron.
And due to baking being a favourite pastime in the Johnson household we've had lots of opportunity to get wear from it!

So, yes, the apron has the approval of the three year old.
It has held it's own in the face of cakes, cake pops, gingerbread, salt dough and painting.
And, it is a wipe clean apron, which is much better than her 'old' apron of cotton and always in the wash when we wanted it.
It is a little bit too big for her... but give it is proving to be hardwearing this means we're going to get plenty of use from it.
So, yes it has the thumbs up from Squeaks and from me.

The Little Princess Kingdom- well, despite all my reservations it's become a firm favourite of the Johnson's!

Disclosure: We received a Little Princess Apron and incorporated this within our review. All opinions and views expressed are our own.

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