Thursday, 27 December 2012

So, there it was... Merry Christmas!

... And I do believe, everybody had fun!

I can't believe I'm loving Christmas more than ever, having children is seriously underrated where a love of Christmas is concerned!

The Christmas Eve cakes made by Squeaks were devoured by the boys:
And, whilst I have always appreciated the convenience of wet wipes, after this level of chocolate only the washing machine and a bath could help.

The traditional Christmas Eve pyjamas were a hit (the luck of being in town the same Saturday as Debenhams had 1/2 price on kids nightwear).

And so, Christmas Day dawned, and I realised that what I especially love about the Johnson babies is their love of sleep, there's none of the traumas I gave my mum (thankfully!) of getting up at 3am to open presents, no, no matter how much excitement there was at bedtime on Christmas Eve they still needed to be reminded when they woke at 9am on Christmas Day that there was a possibility that the big man had visited overnight!

And so, the Johnson's did Christmas.

Fortunately Squeaks appreciated the present she said she wanted more than anything in November, but no longer wanted in December.
And she loves him so much he is accompanying her everywhere.

We went outside as the footprints left by Santa led that way- admittedly Squeaks thought this was because a reindeer had been left behind (and Cheeky was refusing to part with a tub of dinosaurs!):
But, they found the present built by elves and Grandma and Grampy (the compromise for spoiling my children- one present for the year covering Christmas and birthdays).

They loved it, so much so that Squeaks wanted to sleep in it Christmas night:

Everyone loved their bikes, a last minute purchase, given Squeaks had decided in late November that rather than the Mickey Mouse she had set her heart on, Center Parcs had converted her, and she would now like a bike (with a bell) more than anything.

And when 'Santa' had popped into Halfords to sort it out (whilst putting back Squeaks' other presents for her birthday), that maybe they had baby blue bikes on such a good offer that Santa had also put back the boys presents too...

And so, alongside their bikes, the boys loved their equivalents that Squeaks had decided upon for them

Cheeky wasn't so interested in watching Daddy opening his presents, the tub of dinasaurs was far too compulsive:

Christmas Day continued 'well'.
Maybe, just maybe, whilst we were outside discovering the playhouse the house alarm started going off.
And maybe, I didn't realise it was ours for a little while.
And maybe, after quite a few minutes I reset the fuse box and the alarm.
And maybe an hour or so later I realised the oven was cooling.

And clicked, that the reason the power had cut out was because the oven had.
And this of course would be the first year that Mr J had bought a turkey rather than beef or a turkey crown...

And so, the Christmas buffet that we had promised my parents and his mum that evening turned into a very late Christmas dinner.... which, of course, everyone loved.

And the children were spoilt a little bit more by their grandparents.
And went to bed exhausted.

And Boxing Day led to more exhaustion as they caught up with their cousins at my parents.
And Tiny surprised me, that whilst he is so clingy, that he was so happy with Uncle Chris. Despite Squeaks having been so wary of him as a baby.

And, despite the rain, the boys had chance to try out the scramblebugs from Nana Windows which have been a massive hit (indoors and outdoors).

And so, the Johnson Babies have been spoilt.

And what have we learned:

Cheeky loves to unwrap presents, meticulously, with no care for the contents.
Tiny, like Squeaks in the past, bores of opening presents, and is happy to play with the toys he has.
Squeaks loves to share, whether that be sharing opening her presents, or her sharing opening yours.

And we hope,like ours, yours was a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic Christmas, well maybe not the oven mishap but apart from that! I love the house, that is so cool!


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