Friday, 11 January 2013

From babies to toddlers- the twins turn two!

Tomorrow, we hit another milestone.
An exciting milestone.
And a little tear creeps in, my babies have grown so much.

Tomorrow, my babies turn two.
We have spent two years referring to you as 'the babies'.
I don't really like 'the twins' and 'the boys' has always referred to your cousins.
But I think tomorrow we might have to start adopting the phrase 'the boys'.

It's been an unbelievable two years. Each year has seen so much changing as you develop and grow. This time last year you weren't walking. And now you're like speed demons whenever a door is left open.

I now understand the advice the lovely mums of multiples have given me, that personalities change so much and you can't say that one is 'this' because within a week it's changed.

You have adapted to so much change and shown so much understanding.
The giddiness when I ask you to get your shoes and coats.
The excitement when your backpack reins are brought out.
The giggles and cheers as we drive into the street where grandma and grampy live, or when you go to the childminders.
The mischief when I pop upstairs to do something and come back and find you both sat on the settee with a yoghurt and spoon in hand.
And the chaos and bedlam of mornings where you are so happy to just play in your cots.... and throw as much as possible onto the floor.

And now the excitement of Christmas. Of opening presents.
And now, everytime the Scuttlebugs come out with us.

The excitement and hypnotism of Peppa Pig.
So unlike your big sister in this regard.
For you two there has only ever been Peppa and George.
Nothing else will compare.

And as for your blankies.
Those muslins, as were sick blankets, which now offer so much comfort.
Although we are slowly trying to adapt to blankies and dummies only at bed time.

Tiny turns two.
And you are the mummy's boy.
Only by an inch.
But having been poorlier than your siblings, and always getting things first and worst, you know that a cwtch from mummy will make everything better.
Sometimes mummy thinks you're not as confident as Cheeky going up and down stairs.
Until one of the stairgates is accidentally left open.
You love your brother and sister, and are happy to play or sit with them, although on the whole if it gets dirty you come off worst!
Everytime we think your brother leads you into trouble, you prove us wrong. You are just as likely to find trouble, you're just a little bit better at pinning the blame on him!
You love the candles on your sister's Creative Cakes lego, and maybe just maybe you're always hiding things where your siblings can't find them.
You are a content child, a happy child, with the best laugh in the world.

Lots of love xxx

So, Cheeky, at two.
What can we say?
You have so much love to give, and you give the best kisses.
In saying that, you throw the best punches, pack the best kicks, and throw like a professional cricketer.
You have remained the bolshy brother.
No-one, not your brother, your sister, or even your daddy can throw a tantrum quite like you.
And it's so difficult at times to take you seriously as things just mean so much to you.
Like who gets to take the lid off your yoghurt.
But your laugh.
Being so ticklish means you can be turned from tears and tantrums to hysterical laughter within a minute.
And as for your dinosaurs.
You unwrapped your Christmas presents with precision.
And when it came to the dinosaurs, well they were yours!
Maybe they were really for everyone.
And you have been happy to share them.
But on your terms, you hold the tub and the rights to opening the lid.
Your laughter is contagious, your passion uncontrollable, and your kisses never ending.

Lots of love xxx

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