Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy Birthday Mr J

Mr J,

I hope you feel a little better today. I think we've reached 10 days of you feeling rough.
I think I might need to start taking Man-Flu a bit more seriously. Especially as the children have felt the need to share your germs. Oh, and my mum. I'm just not questioning why me and my dad are the only people to remain in a near healthy, sleep deprived state.

I digress.
So today, we return to the status quo. Ten years on me eh?!

Parenthood has certainly had it's toll.
I'd love to be kinder... but we know it's been tough.

But that glint in your eye.... that's the one the same one I see in all three of our children. Whenever there's mischief in our path.

Today, for health and financial reasons... on earth did you schedule Christmas, your birthday and two of your children's birthday to full within the same pay packet? I'm assuming planning could have been involved...

... we might be delaying birthday celebrations.

But that's right, it's because you're ill, and we're doing you a favour!

Mr J, I hope you have the most fantastic year ahead of you. I hope we continue to create the most fantastic moments, and memories.

Happy Birthday xxx

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