Friday, 18 January 2013

How do you decide on hair styles for boys?

I have so little confidence with boys. Things that never crossed my mind with Squeaks now churn over in my head with the boys. Probably because Squeaks hair just grew at a sort of 'usual' pace, and now it takes everything in our power to keep it neat and tidy, because it is fine, curly and gets so knotty and matted, no matter how much conditioner.

On the other hand, the boys seem to have fair thick hair, which grows at a rate of knots rather than being knotty.

Before I had even had chance to think over hair styles I went to work and came home to boys with short hair.
The day remains etched in my mind, I had traveled to Wolverhampton, it was icy cold, and at 11 months old Mr J had taken clippers to the boys hair. He sent me the photo by phone, yes, the boys were smiling, but...
I wasn't entirely pleased. It seemed to short.
There was an element that Mr J was right, when their hair gets too long it sticks up on end- Mr J was addressing the problem.
And the fact the boys were happy with Mr J taking clippers to their heads, and Mr J was confident in doing so.
I began to think I was over reacting.

But, he continued to cut their hair. Until I had to speak up. They looked so cold with their hair so short.

So, he started cutting it a little less short.
And then we came to an agreement.
That between November (the last haircut) and the boys starting playschool in March that we will grow their hair and see if it suits them.
And see if the sticking up bit which Tiny has grows out with length.

I think Cheeky's hair is still suiting him. But Tiny's just seems to look messy, like he slept on it funny.

It's odd, so many of the little boys at Squeaks' school have such cute long hair, very few have short hair... how do you decide what suits your child?
I think this is going to be one of those 'learning by doing' things.
And maybe will come out the other side with a solution which helps everyone- maybe hair styles will help people tell the boys apart!

So, if you have boys, how did you decide on whether to keep their hair short or to let it grow?


  1. I am not perhaps the one to comment, becuase I am awful with my boys hair, if it was upto me I think they'd have hair as long as Chloes! I just am not great with any sort of haircuts, I think its change from what you know that gets me, I never was kean on cutting their hair when they were young and so they sort of got long hair before they did short, now whenever they do have it cut short I just can't get my head around it... Mikey likes his short... Jake doesn't really mind but its normally rather long... they do most of the time look unkept and like they crawled out of bed and never brushed it... but you know what... I think it suits them... well sometimes! I'd say learnign as you go along is a perfectly ok thing to do... and besideds its always handy to have some embrasshing haircut photos for when they get older!

    1. Yep, it's such an odd dilemma... I've never really liked short hair... I'm hoping they can grow it, but the sticky up bit has to grow down (surely it has to grow down?!). Thanks for the reassurance that it's all 'adding character'! x

    2. Thank you x I think it's just that I don't really like hair short- Bit of a problem really!! Well, if the sticky up bit is weighed down by his hair being longer I think we'll have to stick with it!!

    3. Kids are looking so cute with these haircuts.I like these hairstyles so much.I like this blog so much.

  2. I prefer Tigger's hair short on the back, off the collar as he likes to pull that bit of hair and if long it sticks outwards. However I prefer the top with a bit of length, his hair grows really quickly so even if the hairdresser cuts it a little short within a week or so it starts to look better. I'm not sure how I feel about gel on little boys hair though.

    1. Mr J did put gel on the boys hair- and to be honest it made it look much better as it was all sticking up! Definitely a one off though! I wouldn't put hair spray or mousse on Squeaks' hair so I think same rules apply.
      Didn't think of shorter at the back... more decisions!


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