Thursday, 24 January 2013

Learning to crochet- the left handed way

So, because Squeaks wants more colour in her rainbow cakes, and because we need to get some things together to make valentine's gifts, we popped to Hobbycraft to get some bits and piece.

I decided to take advantage of the chance to tick something of my 13 in 13, and invested in a crochet hook and some wool, to accompany my guide to crocheting.

Oddly, the thing that has been most difficult so far has been adapting to being a left hander.
I'm an odd left hander, I write left handed, but everything else more or less I do as a right hander.

I understood the rules early on when it said 'the hand that you write with holds the hook', so that was that.
Oddly the advice later on is that my 'brain is well used to mirroring such things'... I can only hope!

So, advice followed I came away with a 4.00mm hook and a yarn with the same number (that's right, wool has numbers on!), and I remembered to make sure it was plain and light coloured. It did recommend non-stretchy, but that was beyond me. It's double knitting, so that was a tick, it wasn't cotton- so I have fallen at that hurdle.

Learning to crochet

So, I am now perfecting my chain stitch.
I wish that was as easy as it sounded.
It turns out the slip knot will be my greatest achievement to date.

I've managed to do a really neat chain stitch, but it's not been done with the flowing movement I've seen of crocheters, it's more been an act demonstrating my need for three hands.
It seems I've been simplistic, and in the same way I read books, having read from the back to the front, if I don't perfect the tension on my chain stitch there's no hope of *ssshhhhh* big secret, my hope of a granny blanket.

The good news is that crocheting stops me snacking, stops me spending too much time on line, and will hopefully, eventually, keep me warm at night.

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