Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Life with toddler twins

So, the boys have hit two with all the energy and enthusiasm toddlers bring to any family.

With the badge of toddler earned they are both doing their bit to retain it.

Cheeky has tantrums down to a fine art.
I have mentioned before that they started around 18months.
Which was odd, unexpected, because Squeaks more or less bypassed this, hitting four in March.
(Squeaks used to throw herself down on the floor in shops and supermarkets- not because she was having a tantrum but because she was tired. She is truly her mother's daughter).

Like most children, Cheeky's tantrums are worst when he was tired.
On Thursday when I picked him up from the childminder's he threw a strop as we got out the car.
Because he wanted to go to the park and I wanted him to go to the front door.

Another tantrum surfaced when all three were given a bowl each with wotsits in. And of course he wanted the bowl that Tiny had. And even when the bowls were swapped he insisted on eating the wotsits from the original bowl, which was no longer his.

Cheeky is the child who gets over tired because he refuses to sleep.

Afternoon naps have become a 50:50. The boys either sleep for hours, or spent an hour seeing how quickly they can throw toys from cot to cot and then onto the floor.
And it's cute and funny, until tea time, when they're tired and grouchy.

Tiny cries rather than throws tantrums. Which is easier in some ways.
He generally just needs a cwtch and the world is a happier place.
But with three demanding attention it's not always as easy to have a moment free for one to one time.

And that along with the winter bugs is probably the worst bit of toddler twins.

The best bits.
Well, obviously the laughter.
The other night I was upstairs leaving Mr J and the little people downstairs.
For about fifteen minutes all I could hear was hysterical laughter.
On coming back downstairs and asking what was the cause, I was told they had been chasing each other up and down the hall.
It really is the simple things.

I love that they have reached the age where they can play independently together.
They can be left together for short periods of time with some duplo, cars, or Happyland people.
They are starting to sort out their own scuffles if they are left to get on with it.
Whereas I initially thought it was always Cheeky beating up on Tiny, after witnessing on a few occasions Tiny fighting his corner I have been much less inclined to intervene.
And the fighting does seem to have reduced, whether this be part of growing up or ignoring them I'm not sure.

And, when I look at them and think about my memories of Squeaks at the same age.
Well, they're much better at eating. They're more adventurous. With Squeaks there were a few foods she liked and we did our best to vary, and as she hit three, and now approaches four, she's a happy eater and will try almost anything.
Maybe it's wanting to be like their big sister, but the boys will try more or less everything. Of course they love yoghurt, and or course when they're ill they go off food completely and revert to milk. But I have the reassurance that Squeaks was the same, so I don't panic the way I did.

Squeaks vocabulary and language development was advanced by the time she hit 2 years.
The boys both rely on her and each other, and don't have the one to one time she benefited from.
 However where Squeaks had the knack of stringing words together, the boys probably have a wider range of single words than she did.
And whilst Squeaks loved to sing 'Twinkle Twinkle' to the boys when they were born, Cheeky has the knack of the actions whilst singing the song (with his own words) and Tiny wins hands down with his dancing.

The cutest thing about the boys is how eager they are to leave the house. Any excuse for an adventure.
They run to grab their shoes. Open the door under the stairs to get their coats. And should mummy get their reins out to go for a walk, well, they really do shake with excitement.
It's odd that life seems a lot easier now we've reached two. And yet the energy evaporates just as easily. They now demand a different type. They need to be worn out from both physical activity as well as the stimulation of toys, books and chatting.

And of course, they love giving kisses and cwtches, and they love to be tickled and they still adore peek-a-boo with their blankies.

And yes, they are toddlers, and they are growing up on me, and they're not my babies any more.
My little boys, they make me the happiest I can be.
And nothing but nothing makes me happier to finish a week at work knowing I have my family for company.


  1. They are so cute in those onesies! Goodness your eldest must have fun with not one, but two little boys in the house! At least they have each other to play-fight, our Bug always uses his sister, which leads to all sorts of arguments!

  2. My eldest has turned into a mini parent!! And yes, I do wonder how they'll get on with children their own age given how quickly things turn from laughter to fighting to laughter... if nothing else, at least it'll be fun!


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