Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year's Honours, Quentin Blake, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I never usually take much interest in the New Year's Honours List, but of course it could not be overlooked that Quentin Blake has been knighted for his work as an illustrator.

Mister Magnolia is already a favourite with Squeaks, with The Enormous Crocodile remaining a firm favourite.

I love the role reading and stories are taking in Squeaks' life. Sometimes Squeaks likes to have stories read to her, sometimes she likes to make her own stories around the illustrations, and other times she just likes stories from mummy's head.

It's great how pictures always inspire Squeaks to talk about emotions, she's also recently taken to making up words, and telling "silly stories" which make her laugh a great deal.
I love this of her, and of course it takes me back to some of Roald Dahl's books where there were so many words which must would give Squeaks a run for her money! Check out these party packs if you want to give your child a run for their money- page 4 is fab!

I am so glad Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake are beginning to take their place in Squeaks' heart the same way they have mine.

So, I'm just a little bit excited that 2013 will also see the grand opening of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical.

Whilst we have kept ourselves busy with the activities which were launched for Roald Dahl Day and are making our way through the recipes in the James and the Giant Peach pack as we get excited about the show coming to the New Theatre I have to admit a musical has me just that little bit more excited, the suspense as I imagine just how this will be brought to the West End is just a little bit enthralling.

So, in recognition that any fan is likely to be a bit excited, it's great that more resources have been brought out leading up to the world premiere at the Theatre Royal Dury Lane in June 2013.

The page to stage resource is designed for children aged between 7-12 years, and it had me thinking! I find the opportunity to engage the imagination just too good to refuse, it takes me straight back to my childhood and remembering the idea that this could happen to me.
I am reminded how much I wanted to write books for children, because so few could do it well, but when they did- well, you believed.

There's a great competition (for the relevant age group!) in the pack and also, part two will be available in February, which I'm really looking forward to as it's going to look at the process of moving the book to the stage, with video footage and interviews.

As always, I find writing about Roald Dahl and his books just takes my mind off at so many different directions.
I am glad there's enough here to pace myself!

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