Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Raising twin boys: time for another change

So, Christmas was a time of quiet consideration for us about how Cheeky and Tiny will be cared for in 2013.
2012 saw the introduction of a childminder, as well as support from my mum.
As we move into 2013 my mum has made her own decision, and brought down by peer pressure has decided to (persuaded my dad to let her) retire.

My mum's decision gives us a little more freedom which she is happy to accommodate.
With the boys turning two it also means they are old enough to start playschool.

So, we've been doing a bit of a reccie as to what is going to work best for all involved.
I've also tried to consider the advice received after also contemplating whether the boys should have their own activities.

So, with my mum's support, we've decided to stop the boys being supported by the childminder.
This was a more difficult decision than I'd thought. As I'd mentioned before I wasn't convinced on using a childminder, yet the bond the boys have so quickly built up meant I have been really reluctant in this decision.

The flipside is, that with my mum looking after the boys on a Thursday and Friday it means they can start playschool three mornings a week.

The boys can do taster sessions before starting proper, and then build up to three mornings.

This has been really important to me. Again, wasn't fussed on the playschool at first- in my world it didn't compare the pre-school in Yorkshire. And again, the bond Squeaks has with the carers, and how easy it made the transition to nursery school, that all her friends with with her on this journey.

So, my mum will continue to make the most of the children whilst they aren't in full time schooling, and they'll be able to go to playschool and create relationships to see them into school.

Then, there was the consideration about the children having their own time. At the moment playschool is open four mornings a week, and Squeaks attends three mornings. Whilst the boys attending seperate days doesn't seem practical, we've decided that the boys will attend the day Squeaks doesn't and vice versa.

And the good news! To convince Mr J that this arrangement would benefit him, I mapped 2012 and 2013 on paper, and without knowing (assuming I was wrong) it all works, for everyone!
It means Mr J has a bit more routine (no matter how much he rebels, he knows he prefers it!), and Cheeky and Tiny will get to build relationships with children at playschool.

And yes, this will come into effect after Easter.
And it will only last until the Summer holidays.
And then Squeaks will start school full time.
And we'll wonder where the time has gone.
And change things all over again.

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  1. We've been doing just the same, just a year on! They've been with a brilliant childminder since we moved in April, for a few hours 4 days a week, in preparation for Nursery in March when they turn 3.


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