Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The migraines are back

I sort of knew it after having to take a week off last year after crawling into a ball with the most horrible headache and nausea.

Blood tests were fine, extra strength pain killers prescribed, and I decided to put it down to stress and sort my life out.

In spite of making mainly positive moves in the holy grail of a work life balance, the headaches have been returning and each time taking a few days out of my life.

And it's that horrible thing. In an utterly crap way it's worse than being the headache- contacting your boss to let them know you won't be in work.
I don't mean to sound judgmental, but I wonder what goes through peoples heads.
I genuinely don't think my commitment to work can be questioned.
And so, as an adult am I thought to be skiving.
And, as someone who works from home, if I was that unscrupulous I wouldn't need to phone in.
(Blast from the past, starting in job, being told that three people in the same role had competitions to see who could stay in the pyjamas longest of a morning. Two weeks later becoming their manager. Such fond memories!).
But yes, it would seem that despite being ill the guilt of not being in work remains.

So, the doctor has decided on a diagnosis of migraine attacks.
I know he's right. But I'm gutted.
I suffered from migraines in my teens, and was over the moon when I moved from school to college that they suddenly disappeared.
And I suspected this was them, although I didn't want to think it.

And it does seem some other medication I'm on may be adding to the symptoms, so that's gone with immediate effect, a replacement found.
More painkillers.
And for the next one, a new thing for me, sumatriptan- I am left with the hope that this may be reduce the migraines once triggered.

I'm feeling done in.
But must admit, a cuddle from the little ones always makes the world a better place.


  1. I do sympathise, like you I had migraines as a teenager but fortunately they stopped, although I had a brief phase a few years back of having auru only migraines which wasn't fun. I think that unless someone has suffered from migraines themselves (and I know that mine were very minor in comparison) they don't appreciate how debilitating they can be. I hope that the new medication works for you.

    1. Thank you! Is it wrong that I'm a little bit excited about the next migraine to see if the tablets work ;)


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