Thursday, 3 January 2013

Toddler theatre in 2013- Sherman Cymru

I am sitting in front of my notebook (and laptop obviously!) budgeting for 2013.
I am being thrown a little off course after a trip to Sherman Cymru yesterday and wondering off with their Spring Programme.

Squeaks and I went to see the Snow Tiger yesterday.
I was very grateful to the wonderful box office. We had tickets for Christmas Eve, I had phoned for more tickets for my nephews to be told there was a waiting list.
Squeaks woke on Christmas Eve with a virus, and despite positive thoughts I didn't want to risk her being ill in the middle of the performance so not knowing what to do I'd phoned the box office just to let them know. I'm not actually sure what I was thinking- give them to a random walking by? Fortunately due to the aforementioned waiting list they were able to offer them to someone else and we were able to see yesterday's performance.

As always Squeaks was very excited about a trip to the theatre, although on studying the pop-up stand became positive that, as well as the Snow Tiger, she would also get to see the Snow Bear (??!).

Squeaks loved the performance, has come away wanting to learn the guitar, and spent an evening banging away on an xylophone... mummy's recovering!
It was a fantastic performance, although after seeing it, I think it would have been even more perfect for her in the run up to Christmas.
The space at the Sherman completely appreciates trying to 'manage' little ones in the theatre. As much as I appreciate their parents were cringing, there were some entertaining 'misbehaving' incidents, and, whilst it may have distracted adults at times the children remained engrossed with the performance.

The Snow Tiger is running until January 5th and is definitely a must-see, regardless of Christmas. I loved the character of Usko, who loved stories, especially when they became real- something Squeaks is really relating to at the moment.

So, then we move onto what we're thinking of getting tickets to....

Grimm Tales is showing on 28th February and 2nd March. Which includes Ashputeel (the original Cinderella Story) and Hansel & Gretel. It's a Theatr Iolo production (the same company who engrossed us with Ruby Red Tells Tales). I'm very tempted, but it's recommended for age 6+ and I think I'd be pushing my luck...

However, as an offset, there's a fantastically creative looking Claytime coinciding with half term- from the 12-15 February. Tempting any parent in with 'interactive theatre' (aka your children can get involved without the mandatory 'sssshhhh') and mentioning children being invited onto the stage afterward (all Squeaks did last night was talk about when she would be allowed on stage) this is one for the diary. Although as always I'm thinking 'maybe the boys would enjoy it'... but the boys are two, and the recommendation for for 3-6 years olds, and I can't cope with cleaning up three children... so I'm sticking with the rules. and this is one for Squeaks and me!

Aston's Stones is being performed from the 29th May- 1st June. About a little dog who wants to take care of all the stones he can find. Given Squeaks love for Miller and Makka Pakka this is a must!

The thing however to keep your eye out for, which I hadn't seen until picking up the Spring Programme, but am very excited about is Cardiff's Theatre Festival for Children and Families, from 24th April to 5th May. We'll definitely be looking forward to more news on this!

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