Saturday, 5 January 2013

What I listened to- December 2012

So, as part of my resolutions for 2013 I decided to start listening to music, more, and trying to listen to different music.
In order to motivate myself I thought I'd post the most played from my phone- which I use when travelling. I'll just prĂ©cis the ones which my phone screenshot provides.

So, as a brief rundown to December.

  1. Stooshe- saw the video on MTV ages ago, and saw them (I think) on Jonathan Ross. Really love this song and it remains a firm favourite.
  2. For Good and Defying Gravity- obviously inspired by a trip to see Wicked!
  3. Birdhouse in your soul- For some reason this song is now associated with a spreadsheet for work- which sends me hysterical. I sing this to keep me on track (much to the entertainment of others when I am hot desking).
  4. Romeo and Juliet- didn't actually know until Mr J told me that this is a Dire Straits cover, but rediscovered this Killers album in December.
  5. JCB Song- when I was tracking down number 23 I remembered this song fondly.
  6. Emeli Sande- my new album for Decmber, really enjoying it, especially this track which she features on, written by Labrinth.
  7. And, last but not least, Ed Sheeran continues to be played, especially Lego House.


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