Thursday, 7 February 2013

A milestone for the boys- starting playgroup

So, the boys have started playgroup.
Yesterday was a morning of great excitement, I'm not sure anybody knew why.
But then, the backpacks came out.
And the excitement grew.
They had to go on straightaway.
And Squeaks got upset as her In the Night Garden backpack wasn't Buzz.
And we had tears when they had to come off to get coats on.
And more tears when they had to come off to get in the car.
The excitement as everyone was allowed out of the car at playgroup.
And the race to get to the door.

And as I was so impressed with all three of my children.
Squeaks introduced everyone to her brothers. Telling everyone of their backpacks. And not a word about the earlier upset.
Squeaks made sure her brothers were settled.
And probably spent more time playing with her friends than her brothers, but always with a hawk eye on them.
And the boys spent equal time together as they did apart.
Familiarising themselves with all the new activities and toys.
And socialising with so many other little people.
There were a few tears, mainly focused on not being big enough to ride the bikes.
I was so proud.
I was so proud of Squeaks. She was a joy. To see her in her territory, with her friends, demonstrating good behaviours, and showing a really sensitive side to her natural tendency of bossy.

So, we ended up staying for the whole session.
And the boys came home on cloud nine.
Exhausted, but giddy with excitement as their exploits.
And of course, the joy of being reunited with their backpacks.

And so, after half term, we'll have half a session with me, and half a session solo.
And then to playschool proper.
My little boys are growing up, loving every minute.

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  1. Oh my word, those backpacks are fabulous! Bossy is perfect for big sisters, it's our job ;)


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