Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A'hoy M'hearties - a review

I have three children who hold Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Peppa Pig, and Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom in equal esteem for daytime viewing.

Playing pirates is their favourite pastime, so I had three very exited children as a result of an offer to review dressing up costumes from Joker's Masquerade.

The first thing I was impressed by, as a mum to three, was the value for money. Squeaks is frequently being invited to costume birthday parties, which I doubt is going to change. And then, of course, the same will be true for the boys.

I managed to pick up three fantastic outfits for under £30, which I think it great value for money, and far better than I have been able to find on the high street.

Squeaks has requested a pirates party in March. Her first ever 'big' party as she turns 4.
So I ordered pirates outfits.

I was really pleased with the range available, plenty of outfits to choose from, ones that give distinction- from Captain to Captain's mate, and also ones that were suitable for any tomboy's who insist on going everywhere possible dressed as a pirate.

Of course, the minute the outfits arrived Squeaks had to wear hers. And even insisted on wearing it to a birthday party the next day... in spite of the party not having a costume theme.
And this is the best photo I have, because from the moment the outfit was on, until the moment she got into her bedtime bath.... this little girl would not stay still:
I love this outfit, as whilst it is unmistakably pirate themed, it has a teeny bit of femininity alongside it.
And most  importantly Squeaks loves it. She loves being 'Captain'.
The outfit itself is good quality, as you'd expect for a dressing up costume, and well made. A great fit, and a great price for a three piece outfit.

I decided, for the sake of peace and sanity, to select the pirate's lad outfits for the boys (although I put a pair of trousers on back to front to easily identify them via the patch). The range available would easily lend itself to different outfits, but I fear tears and tantrums.
As I was choosing outfits for Squeaks' birthday I went for 'mates' costumes rather than Captain.
And we got a three piece outfit, for a great price.
The boys outfits are for three year olds, so a little too big but they adore them. With their boots on, they look perfect.
As with most young children the hats came off pretty fast, but it did not stop the excitement and giddiness of dressing up time.
We can't wait to have them all together wearing their outfits- Squeaks is already insisting as it is Grandma's birthday this weekend- this is the occasion, although I would rather it be for her 4th birthday!

I thought these outfits were first and foremost great value for money.
They are good quality dressing up clothes, really well made, and a good size against age range.
Most importantly the children love them.
And when thinking about other themed birthday parties- or even World Book Day, Joker's Masquerade really does offer value for money.

Happy children really do make the world a better place!

Disclaimer: we received three outfits for the purposes of this review. All views expressed are my own.


  1. Thanks: Ellie really likes dressing up so I'll bookmark this site


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