Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Baking for Valentine's

We had fun this weekend. The boys have decided they like making cakes.
When Squeaks was their age I bought our first packet cupcake mix, we've come a long way!
Mr J has even treated me to a stand mixer.
And it's saved a lot of time.
Admittedly in the meanwhile Tiny may have smashed an egg on the floor- so maybe it didn't really save time.
But I love it and so does Cheeky!
Baking with toddlers
We made our usual sponge mix, which was the same weight of flour, margarine and sugar as three large eggs. I've also taken to putting in a teaspoon of vanilla essence. 
As it was Valentine's Day (as if we need a reason) we went pink. I am so impressed with the gels you can buy from Hobbycraft, you need less than a quarter of a teaspoon to get a fantastic colour.

The boys got fully involved in the cake making process.

Which left Squeaks to get involved in the decorating.
As I had inadvertently used all the butter and it was a Sunday evening, we were left to use what was in the cupboards. We melted a bar of white chocolate and used our strawberry buttons, along with some candy hearts we bought from Lakeland.
Baking with children
And of course Squeaks couldn't wait to get her slice!

Baking with toddlers is so much fun.
This is my second time baking with the boys, the first time they gatecrashed Squeaks and I baking, with three, it's a bit stressful, with two it's great fun.

As always, the cake has been decimated, I can't believe how much I struggle with Tiny's meal times, yet put some cake in front of him... and I know he's playing me!

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