Monday, 11 February 2013

Fatboy Dog Bed- A review

This year is all about improving sleeping arrangements! When I wrote my 13 in '13 it was about getting the children's bedroom sorted. It is so much more than that- and of course, Miller as part of our family needs to have his own bed.
So we were delighted when Amara offered us the opportunity to review the Fatboy Doggy Lounge. In red!

Here's the story. The boys are great. Sleep in their cots. Like babies. But we do need to move into toddler beds. And they'll need more room. So they need to move into the spare room.

Squeaks ends up in our bed a lot. Mr J moves into the spare room. And maybe Miller's decided this is also his room.

So, we need to get Squeaks sleeping in her bed, and move the boys into the spare room.
So Miller needs a new room, and a new bed.

The first thing I loved about the Fatboy range was the appearance- not the typical dog bed range, and it means it fits, at either as part of or as a stand out piece for any decor.

We've decided, given how much time Miller spends with the children, that the best place for him to sleep is the playroom. It means where he snoozes in the day becomes his bed for the night.

And yes, there are lots of red pieces in the kitchen and playroom so this was the first thing I loved about Miller's bed.

Of course, this isn't really about what I think about the bed!
Miller was inquisitive in the first instance. Seemingly knowing this was his parcel.
Miller falls for his Fatboy Doggie Lounge
Miller was ok with waiting until Squeaks got home from school to open the parcel, she was the only one permitted near the box, and then, and since, the only one allowed on the bed. I suspect this is because she bribes him with cake!
Getting cosy on the Fatboy dog bed
So, what was the view on the Fatboy doggy lounge.

Well, Miller is a cocker spaniel, he'll be 6 this year. 
The lovely red bed is a small, it's filled with polybeads, and has a nylon cover.
Miller took to it straightaway.

I was a little more reserved, I didn't know how Miller would get on with the cover, it didn't feel very warm.
Although as I type this, I think about the thick coat he has, and that he'll sleep anywhere- slate tiles, wooden floors, carpet.

Actually there were two pluses that came with the Fatboy dog bed. The cover means it is easily cleaned (additionally it has a special repellent of moisture and dirt), and the polybeads means it molds around Miller making it a perfect fit.

Miller spent a successful first night in the playroom.
He got poorly and whilst we moved his bed into the lounge so he was with us through the evening, he still took to snoozing and sleeping on his bed.

Loving the Fatboy Doggie Bed

So, what are our conclusions on the Fatboy dog bed?

It is at the high end of the 'dog bed market', but it's not the kind of dog bed which is going to wear, tear, or get into bother with stains, marks or smells.

It is a dog bed. Miller has adopted it easily, he knows it is his (as opposed to the cats [or the children's]).

It is easily portable, we've moved it back and forth with no bother. And another massive plus for us is that as we have the perfect dog-minder for Miller, this will be great for the transition when we are on holiday (and eases a little of the guilt).

As already mentioned, it is easily cleaned. It doesn't seem to attract the dog (and cat) hairs that have seen us throw out other beds.

Miller likes it. There's no howling or doggy pacing on wooden floors.

And if Miller likes it, and it's practical.
Is there anything else to think about?

Well, my Yorkshire stereotyped husband will take me back to the price tag.
And I refer to how much we've spent on our mattress, and bed, and bedding.
And that of the children.
And that realistically, if Miller likes it, it's not unreasonable, and its practicality means it will see us right for a few years.

And of course, above all of this, it's a great colour for our home!

Dislosure: We were sent a Fatboy Doggielounge for the purposes of this review. We were not directed as to the content. All views contained are our own.

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