Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Find your way to support disabled children

So, today Government published the Childrens and Families Bill.
And in spite of so much petitioning it would seem that Government didn't want to listen.

If you know anything about getting a statement for a child, it is heartbreaking to hear how many hurdles parents are made to go through to get children a statement, even though a parent has conviction and the side of right on their side.... It seems this is not enough.

Today, Government decided to do no more to help the 8 out of 10 disabled children who don't have Statements.
A statistic which means 1.4 million children won't get the support they need.

Parents will continue to exhaust themselves, supporting their children, petitioning on their behalf... and faced with red tape and 'computer says no' mentality.

I am fortunate, my children are healthy, and I am exhausted.

Why is there such a great expectation on the parents of disabled children?
Why should parents have to battle with the various authorities and agencies?
When all that anyone should want is the best for young people.

This was The Chance, The Opportunity.
To give Special Education Needs reform.

To improve the lives of so many children.
To ensure more prosperity for these children.

I thought Government were backing prosperity?
Giving every young person the opportunity for the future.
To make every young person the best they can be.

Obviously not today.
Or tomorrow.

Parents should have the opportunity to support their child in getting the best education, health and social care plans.
Most parents expect this.
I know I do.
And yes, I'll fight to ensure my children are supported.

But why, in this country, should it be a fight?
Why should it be so difficult to get agencies to work together, when all this government has wanted to demonstrate is 'the burning of the quango's' and increased efficiency?
Why does it stop when it comes to the welfare of the future generation?

When goverment and parents insist and rely on Ofsted for a demonstration of quality in our mainstream education system, why is the care for disabled children any different?

Why should parents of disabled children be expected to do their own legwork, to realise that care is not up to scratch through trial, effecting the lives of young people, rather than being signposted and challenging the system, rather than being supported by it.

On a day when some wonderful people are in Ghana, seeing the fantastic work of Comic Relief, why in this country are we still not able to integrate, to realise how easy it is to make a difference to parents.
And that to make a difference to one will have such an impact on the lives of so many.

Please, if you can, take the time to check out Scope's work in this area, and if you are frustrated by a lack of decisive action by Government, please drop your MP an email and let them know.

Thank you x

For full detail of Scope's response, please check out this summary: http://www.scope.org.uk/news/children-and-families-bill

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