Thursday, 7 February 2013

For #MatildaMae

Sometimes life is rocked to its very foundation.
The internet can seem a very safe place.
You get to know people, relationships are established.
Through blogging you get a window into people's lives.
And those relationships are created in reality.

The blogging and twitter community were brought to a standstill the weekend. 
Jennie posted a tweet:

"Our beautiful daughter Matilda Mae was taken from us last night to join the angels in the sky x RIP Beautiful angel daughter x We love you x"

There is no where to start.

As Matilda had been a consideration for my second born daughter, 
Seren had been a consideration of Jennie's.
And now both are joined, whilst Jennie's daughter is known as Matilda, 
She has taken her place as a star:

"David and I love the sea and Mae means Star of the Sea, that is what she will be now a bright star watching over us all x"

Hearts have been wrenched, blogger and tweeters have gathered around Jennie as she uses her strength, 
of writing, to create memories which can be shared, 
for her children to know as they put their memories into frame.

This week more than ever it is true that people need to be supported in the way that means most to them.
 Like Jennie, I am a writer, a planner, an organiser and a sorter.
This week we have witnessed Jennie put her life, and her family, into the best possible perspective as mother.
And I can do nothing but send my love to her.

Matilda Mae
I can't begin.
I met you and your mum briefly at Britmums.
 I probably overwhelmed your mum as I was so enthralled by you.
There was no other word to describe your mum other than 'serene'.
A quality you evoked,

It is not mine to lend, but I hope I can, the words mean so much.
So, this is for you, your mum, your dad, for Esther and William.
Your mum understands this better than no other, that you are meant for great things


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