Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Getting a lift home from work

Having spent the last five years or so being a 'mobile worker' there is no opportunity to lift share (well, apart from if I'm on a train with 500 other commuters), taking advantage of the 'cycle to work' scheme, or having any sort of routine.

Since moving to South Wales I have tried to use public transport more, I rarely drive now for work, preferring to work on the train rather than when I get home after a long day of work and driving.
We live a short walk from the train station, it's a local station which means it's been impossible to get a train to London early enough without going to a mainline station.

But lately, I've had the opportunity to get into London later so I've walked to the local station.
The only problem is in getting home.
Trains to the local station only run once an hour.
If my train from London is delayed, I'm left waiting an hour.
If I manage to catch an earlier train from London, I'm still waiting for my local connection.

But the train to the local town runs every 20 minutes.

So, I may have taken to phoning Mr J to see if he and the little people can pick me up.

And what a difference it makes.

The little people are so excited, for their little adventure (usually arriving back home a little later than bedtime).
The excitement breaks things up a little for Mr J against the usually stressful 'witching hour'.
And I love to see my children before bedtime, rather than arriving home once they are down for the night.

Squeaks now understands that sometimes mummy works from home, and some times mummy works away.
She looks forward to the treats mummy brings home (usually some biscuits I've slipped into my bag on coffee break).

And now, it seems Squeaks thinks mummy works at a train station.
Well, it's easier than explaining my real job!

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