Saturday, 2 February 2013

Project #365 - Week #5

Our photos for the week:

Sunday: the boys have fun at a birthday party.
Monday: a first for us, all three help bake a Valentine's cake.
Tuesday: Squeaks decided whilst the boys are away she'll sleep in a cot!
Wednesday: Working away, taking a different route to the office.

Thursday: with mummy working away, daddy and Squeaks get to do some gardening.
Friday: mummy still away, and daddy gets a great photo of all three little people.
Saturday: exhausted after a morning in the pool.

My favourite photo is Squeaks in the cot.

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  1. lovely photos looks a busy week :)

  2. Looks like a busy weeks at yours! great pictures :-)

  3. I love the picture of them after a session in the pool. It's amazing how it wears them out.

  4. Love the one of the boys at the top of the slide! Would love to see how your valentines cake turned out!

  5. i love sleepy photos and i also love the one of them all in a chair each. so cute

  6. love the 3 of them sat on the big chairs

  7. Great pics, the birthday party looks fun x

  8. i like the one of the three of them after swimming almost dozing off in those bucket seat chairs!! made me smile.
    your daughter looks very happy to be gardening . another busy week for you all x

  9. Busy week! They look like they had lots of fun though x

  10. It's lovely to see the boys getting so much bigger and turning into proper little boys, not babies.

    Thanks for linking up.

  11. Ah what beautiful kids you have!


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