Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Salt Dough decorations for Valentine's

We made some fantastic decorations for Christmas when we had our first attempt with salt dough. As they were so well received by the grandparents we decided to have a second attempt.

Since attempting salt dough I have read so many great posts, about using food colouring, glitter, acrylic paint... and I also read a lovely post about using fingerprints.

We decided to attempt all of the ideas, and have ended up with some much loved family decorations.

Like our cake baking, all three children wanted to get involved, and this was fun for the dough making.

We made a couple of batches.
We started with a cup of flour, a cup of salt and half a cup of water. Having read that the dough should be as dry as possible we added additional flour and salt.
We split the dough into three parts.
The first we left plain.
The second we added red. And split it again and added glitter.
Having seen how much glitter was needed once you start kneading, for the last batch we added a lot of pink (which looks dark red) and just added glitter along the top and rolled in.
Salt dough hearts for Valentine's
 We tried two different ways of drying out the dough, on a low temperature in the oven for a few hours. And in the microwave, intially for three minutes, and then at multiples of 30 seconds.
I'll hold my hands up, I may have decided to ignore the microwave instructions, decided on my own, and burned some.

I thought the microwave was causing the saltdough to rise, apart from the oven did this as well.

What I have learned this second time around,  is that the thinner the dough the more evenly it 'bakes' and doesn't rise. I guess the more air you get into the dough the more it rises- this was true of the dough the children played with.

And as always, using a straw to put holes in the decorations to hang them is a must!

We then had fun deciding what to do with our hearts.

Squeaks and I decorated the plain hearts with white and red acrylic paint, I still have to decide what to do with these.
Squeaks also decided to mix the white and red, which gave her great pleasure- she created pink! And may have repainted the pink 'food coloured' hearts with her shade of pink.

With the glitter red hearts I decided to attempt the fingerprint heart design. Squeaks' looked great so I grew in confidence.

My confidence was short lived, the boys hate having dirty hands, so putting paint on them was the cause of hysteria, tears, and screaming. I worked with what I had... and my mum loved it as her Valentine's gift.

For Mr J's Valentine's gift I decided to write our names on the food coloured hearts and string them with ribbon. Which look fantastic across the playroom window.

I think I prefer the hearts with glitter rolled across the most.
Although I still have to decide what to do with the hearts painted white, and those Squeaks painted pink.

Salt dough proved a hit with the children, Squeaks got involved with the whole process, the boys enjoyed the dough part, and they'd probably have enjoyed painting with brushes, finger painting has probably scarred them for life.


  1. Debbie these look so pretty, just like the kind of thing you would pay a fortune for in the shops!

  2. What a great alternative to paper bunting.I keep meaning to try and make my own salt dough ornaments but just never got around to it. Thank you for the tips I shall endeavour to remember them when I finally do it.

  3. These are beautiful.
    Emmy would enjoy making these

  4. Such a great idea to colour the dough. They are beautiful and it's so special to have a collaborative craft project with your children. Thanks for linking up to the #getyourcrafton challenge :)


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