Friday, 15 February 2013

Self feeding toddlers with Tommee Tippee- A Review

Weaning twins wasn't easy.
You're back to the need for either their patience- of course, I can feed one of you at a time without this turning into a crisis for the one temporarily starving.
Or, of your multiplicity, of course I can manage to feed both of you in tandem.

And of course, between bibs, wipe clean table cloths, and floor covers, magic happens, and you get to cross 'go', moving from weaning to self feeding.

The boys are at completely different stages of their self-feeding development. Whilst Cheeky has a great aim, is very adept with a fork or a spoon, Tiny is, well Tiny.
Tiny is, to me, a player. He wraps me round his little finger, so I feed him as he won't feed himself and I worry about him not eating.
Although, of course, for Mr J it's a whole different ball game and he happily eats.

We have become a big fan of Tommee Tippee. From bottles and sterilisers, to soothers and sippy cups, to heat sensitive cutlery and portion plates.
So, we leaped at the chance to put the feeding kit to the test.
I felt really frugal when it arrived, how come in such a short amount of time (ie since we weaned Squeaks three or so years ago) has so much changed, from a design point of view for the bowls, and from a more useable size and design of spoon.

The bowls now have a triangular base. Now, hand on heart, I have no spacial awareness or logical thought. I have no idea why a triangular base makes a difference, but it does. The boys seemed much more in control of their food.
The spoons also have a triangular handle.
Now, Cheeky is much happier with forks so I purposefully tested this with food more difficult with a fork.
Cheeky got on fine.
Tiny completely impressed me.
For the first time, in like forever, he just knuckled down and ate his dinner.
Without any beckoning for assistance, or refusal to eat.

For whatever reason triangles works where toddlers are concerned.

Mealtimes with triangles have become that little bit more enjoyable with the boys becoming more independent.

The pack also comes with a roll bib and a sippy cup. You will have to take my word that they were much sought after items. That I have no photos as wrestling was more likely than sharing.

I was really impressed with this kit. The items are all high-use items. There's nothing that's surplus to requirements.
I am so pleased at how much better the boys do with triangular shaped crockery and cutlery, although it does make a lot of sense from a hand-grip perspective.

Tommee Tippee is a quality product, based on almost four years of various items, and consistent use of some. Tommee Tippee prices are good value, especially given the high use of the products and that they are long lasting due to the quality.

This kit has enabled Tiny to feed himself confidently.
And that is worth it's weight.

Disclaimer: We received a feeding kit for the purposes of this review. We were not directed what to say, and all views and opinions are our own.

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